Medical Front Office Receptionist Skills

Updated on: August 20, 2016

Showing an employer how your mind works is important. But how would you do this if you do not have the opportunity to meet the hiring manager? Before you get the opportunity to meet him in person, you will have a chance to provide him with information on your skills through a resume and a cover letter. Your skills will be your savior in the event of high competition, which is the norm nowadays.

Employers need to know what you know exactly about the job and its demands. You need to be able to communicate your skills to the hiring manager. Accenting your skills that best match the demands of the position for which you are applying is important. Once you have successfully charted out your skills, you can wait for the employer to chase you! But for this, you have to make sure that you mention your skills in such a way that they make the hiring manager feel that you are the only choice for a particular position.

Skills translate into wonderful employment opportunities. These are must-haves that employers are willing to pay any price for. Once you convince the employer that you have the exact skills set that he or she needs, you can basically ask to be hired and he or she won’t be able to say no. Let’s move on to how these skills can be charted out in a resume:

Medical Front Office Receptionist Skills

• Track record of optimizing patients’ satisfaction, provider time and treatment room utilization through effectively handling coordination duties
• Demonstrated expertise in creating and implementing scheduling systems to meet the ever-changing numbers of patients
• Effectively able to manage the influx of patients by providing them with required information and minimizing wait time
• Documented success inefficiently maintaining patients’ accounts by obtaining and recording patient information in an accurate and confidential manner
• Deeply familiar with maintaining medical office inventory systems by creating effective liaison with vendors and suppliers, for timely and accurate delivery of supplies and equipment
• Well-versed in providing preliminary information to patients regarding specific treatments and procedures
• Proven record of providing meaningful assistance with billing and coding duties, by providing and arranging payment information
• Highly experienced in contacting insurance companies to obtain information regarding payments and denials, and refiling denied insurance claims
• Competent in scheduling patient flow based on predetermined appointment arrangements, allowing the facility to serve an adequate number of patients
• Able to effectively maintain reception and patient waiting areas in an organized and neat manner