A hotel receptionist represents the hotel as s/he is always the first point of contact in a hospitality environment. The main purpose of a hotel receptionist’s job is to project a positive image for guests and to provide all services that are on the list of first contact services.

Job Scope

There are many aspects of a hotel receptionist’s job. In most hotels, hotel receptionists not only provide information but also initialize the registration procedure for guests. They ask for preliminary information and identification along with assisting guests fill out forms. They take reservations for rooms, deal with inquiries, complete restaurant bill and check in and check out guests. Additionally, hotel receptionists are expected to operate switchboards and take phone calls for information provision and forwarding calls to appropriate departments or persons.

Since this is a tier one job, hotel receptionists need to be very pleasant and hold ensure that they are able to resolve all issues related to customers and logistics. They ensure that all guests are provided with what they need and coordinate functions to provide the best of hospitality services.

Some other duties that a hotel receptionist is expected to perform includes light bookkeeping, update shift diaries, report maintenance issues, monitor and restock vending machines, assist with linen preparation, manage records and perform filing activities.

Hotel receptionists are also expected to be the first point on contact in the event of an evacuation as they are required to provide people with information on how and where to exit the building. Needless to say, this position is extremely important and sensitive at the same time as much is dependent on this one position and the person who works on it.

Sample Job Description for Hotel Receptionist Resume

• Greeted, registered, and assigned rooms to guests

• Operated the switchboard and PBX

• Answered telephonic and in-person queries related to hotel services and resolved any issues

• Processed guests’ check ins and outs

• Prepared and completed room and restaurant bills

• Assisted guests’ in storing valuables in secure deposit box

• Liaised with other departments of hotel

• Handled payments through cash, cheks and credit cards