Working primarily in educational settings, school psychologists work with students and teachers in order to provide an environment of academic harmony. They assess students for behavior problems and cognitive development issues and devise methods to counter these problems.

A school psychologist’s cover letter needs to be suggestive of his or her abilities to carry out measures in order to emphasize on improved educational performances as this information can prove to be instrumental in the decision to hire him or her.


School Psychologist Cover Letter Sample


157 Alex Avenue
Huntington, OH 66414
(000) 333-9999
elizabeth @ email . com

May 13, 2015

Mr. Gavin Owen
Manager Human Resources
Huntington Public Schools
201 Some Road
Huntington, OH 72800


Dear Mr. Owen:

I am applying for a School Psychologist position at Huntington Public Schools, as advertised on your website last week. My background in psycho-educational assessment and interpretation coupled with my Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and Ohio School Psychologist Certificate are the assets I would bring to your district.

I am presently working as a school psychologist at Anne Arundel Public School where I assess students’ cognitive abilities and social functioning. The list of my career successes in devising student-ready adjustment plans is extensive and spans many years. I am particularly qualified in devising primary prevention programs in order to reduce incidents of student failure in an academic setting. My main target is focused on preventing school violence by integrating a variety of intervention programs with current curriculum.

Another aspect of my expertise contains secondary prevention programs through which I have assisted many students who have had transitory problems that eventually affect their school work. Over the years, I have conducted many workshops for teachers which have been targeted at the different manners which allow school staff to handle students’ problems. I have also been credited with providing the benefit of professional development training for teachers so that their crisis management skills are polished.

Please see the enclosed resume for details. If it appears that my experience meet your needs, I will be happy to discuss my qualifications in an interview. I can be reached at the telephone number and email address listed above.

Thank you in advance for taking a few moments to review my application.


Sincere regards,

Elizabeth Cooper

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