School Psychologist Resume Sample

Updated on: April 29, 2021

Many schools employ the services of psychologists to assess students’ developmental, learning and behavioral needs. School psychologists usually possess a degree in educational psychology and a background in child psychology.

Schools usually hire candidates with some experience in working with children.

The following resume sample will provide you with a good base on how to write your resume for this position.

Sample Resume for School Psychologist Position

Christina Isaac
1003 1st Street, Huntington, WV 25410
(000) 999-9565


 Accomplished and result-oriented psychologist, with a 13-plus-year track record of assessing emotional and adjustment disorders in children of school-going age. Expert in designing and evaluating standardized measures to evaluate students from culturally diverse backgrounds.

• Extensive knowledge of student assessment methodologies and their implications
• Hands-on experience in managing student learning, behavior, and emotional issues
• Well versed in developing programs to address and prevent behavior problems
• Expert in conducting psychological assessments aimed at cognitive, social/emotional, and behavioral functioning of both students and teachers
• Competent at providing counseling services to students with a high focus on students with disabilities


School Psychologist
Anne Arundel County Public School, Huntington, WV 
2014 – Present

Key Responsibilities
• Manage student assessment and interpretation activities
• Devise and direct intervention to combat psychological disorders
• Provide consultation services and assist in training teachers to handle student problems
• Assist teachers in planning and developing plans to meet students’ adjustment needs
• Communicate with students, faculty, and parents to take histories
• Determine students’ emotional, cognitive and social needs and ensure that they are enrolled in programs which are aimed at developing their skills
• Provide direct services through classroom presentations and co-teaching activities

Key Achievements & Contributions
• Devised and implemented an interactive program for teachers and students to determine the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical developmental issues.
• Attained three certificates for determining educational disabilities in children between the ages 6 and 12.

Mental Aesthetics, Huntington, WV
2005 – 2014
• Provided preliminary support such as taking information and recording histories
• Assisted in planning and implementing psychological intervention programs
• Supported program development initiatives
• Managed paperwork associated with managing intervention programs

Key Achievements & Contributions
• Developed plans aimed at crisis intervention which engendered great results in the form of rejuvenated and constructive participation.
• Introduced a student analysis system that took information from students on forms and provided valuable background information.

BS Degree in Educational Psychology
West Virginia University, Huntington, WV 

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