Every clinical psychologist job application must be accompanied by a customized cover letter. Clinical psychology is a competitive field and it takes a highly employee centered cover letter to get noticed in today’s job market.

To tailor your clinical psychology cover letter, it is important to write it in a manner that instantly grabs the attention of the employer. The best way to do so is to highlight those skills from your profile which are demanded by the potential employer. Another key is to make your letter as short as possible. Employers do not usually have time to read long stories. Short, to the point and objectively formatted cover letters are always preferred over the long, story like ones.


Clinical Psychologist Cover Letter Example


Henry Fielder

919 Ferry Lane, Wilmington, DE 98403
Cellular: (003) 666-7777 | Home: (002) 444-6666
henry . fielder @ email . com

January 28, 2014

Dr. Garner Keats
HOD Psychology
Hillside Hospital
873 Heavenly Ave
Wilmington, DE 98403


Dear Dr. Keats:

Capitalizing on a career in clinical psychology, I seek a highly challenging position in the field, possibly in a hospital setting. I write this letter with the same goal in mind. My resume is also enclosed in response to your job advertisement cited at indeed.com yesterday. Possessing three years of work experience as a clinical psychologist, I offer most if not all of the qualifications you require for the same position at Hillside hospital.

Below is an illustration of what I have stated above:

You Requirements


My Qualifications


▶ Deep understanding of case confidentiality and informed consent ✔ Observant of APA issued clinical psychology practices of confidentiality and informed consents before therapeutic remedy


▶ Expertise in CBT and integrated approaches ✔ Proficient in designing CBT based therapies coupled with integrated approaches as and when needed


▶ Ability to handle adolescent mental health issues ✔ Skilled in rapport building and counseling teenagers regarding various mental health issues


▶ Proficiency in dealing with substance abuse cases ✔ Hands-on experience in handling various substance abuse, drug and alcohol addiction cases successfully


▶ Ability to maintain all patient record files as per APA guidelines ✔ In depth knowledge regarding the APA standards of case file handling, demonstrated ability to maintain well formatted individual case files


Your time spent in reviewing my attached resume will definitely pay off well. I will be in contact next week to implore the possibility of scheduling an interview meeting to discuss the opportunity further. Please contact me at (003) 666-7777 incase you’d like to talk sooner.

Thank you.



Henry Fielder

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