Adjunct faculties are actually part time professors within a university setting. While they are highly experienced individuals, they are never offered permanent jobs and cannot acquire the benefits that go with a regular job.

Adjunct faculty professionals perform typical duties of an educator; they plan lessons, grade papers, perform research activities and even write papers that are eventually published in educational journals or websites. They are sometimes required to be a temporary part of the faculty but are usually kept out of major decision making activities. Members of the adjunct faculty usually have one specialization and are responsible for imparting knowledge in that particular field. They may also work as consultants for agencies outside the university depending on their skills and experience.

If you are an adjunct professor looking for a job in this capacity, the following resume objective statements may come in handy when you write your resume:

Adjunct Faculty Resume Objective Examples

• Adjunct Professor position with Keral University utilizing excellence in imparting knowledge relevant to Biochemistry and providing expertise in researching activities

• Seeking a position as an Adjunct faculty with Utah State University. Offering expertise in communicating Physics concepts to students and managing classroom discipline to fortify information flow

• To obtain a position of Adjunct Instructor with Acme University using profound skills in lesson planning in order to achieve academic success

• Adjunct faculty position with Broadway College University to leverage excellent organizational skills and proficiency in imparting information in order to achieve successful classroom management and academic accomplishments

• Looking for a position of Adjunct faculty in English Language where I may employ my skills in improving student success by positive instruction methods