General Duties and Responsibilities of Purchasing Coordinator

Purchasing coordinators work in the manufacturing arena where there is a constant need for buying supplies in order to keep production processes flowing. The main job of a purchasing coordinator is to create and maintain meaningful liaison with vendors so as to assure constant procurement of supplies. He or she will confer with production managers to determine the amount and type of materials needed for a project and ensure that they are delivered to the manufacturing unit in a timely fashion.

It is the job of a purchasing coordinator to contact vendors and decide which vendor serves to be the best. Since all manufacturing projects run on budgets, it is important to ensure that the quotations that purchasing coordinators get from vendors, suit the budget and the offered materials are of good quality. In order to purchase a range of materials, purchasing coordinators have to handle a lot of paperwork which they have to be well versed in. Making purchase orders, ensuring that the order is sent out to the right vendor and assuring the right amount and quality of materials is delivered are all the responsibility of a purchasing coordinator. Another important aspect of a purchasing coordinator’s work is to ensure that the shipment of materials is received promptly.


Purchasing Coordinator Job Description Sample

• Perform research activities to determine a list of possible vendors

• Contact each vendor and take information regarding price, availability and quality of problems

• Arrange meetings with vendors and confer with them in order to provide them with requirements

• Confer with production managers to determine purchasing needs

• Make purchase orders and have them signed from production managers

• Assist in preparation of bidding documents and ensure that other documentation is in order

• Initiate contact with vendors to check availability of needed documents

• Ensure that the right amount of materials are delivered to the production pallet at the right time

• Check shipments to ensure quality and quantity of purchased items

• Monitor all purchase requisitions and handle adjustments with vendors

• Process proof of delivery requests

• Handle limited inventory management activities

• Liaison with the accounting department to reconcile invoices and purchase orders

• Create reseller agreements and maintain ETAs for open orders

• Study and evaluate formal bids and make recommendations for awarding contracts

• Research pricing information and compare prices and quotations