Purchasing Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 28, 2022
Position Overview

Purchasing clerks are individuals who perform procurement and purchasing duties for the company where they work.

To make sure that the organization does not have issues where supplies are concerned, purchasing clerks make sure that vendors and suppliers are contacted in a timely manner, and that supplies and equipment are purchased and delivered when it is needed by the department.

Position Requirements

Working as a purchasing clerk means that you have to be well-organized and methodical at all times.

A high school diploma or a GED is usually sufficient to work as a purchasing clerk, although some employers would want to hire someone who has at least some background in the procurement department of a company similar to his or hers.

Good communication and interpersonal skills are a given while working as a purchasing clerk as you have to be in constant contact with employees and external agencies.

The work of a purchasing clerk requires a lot in terms of skills. Knowing the purchasing system, including how to create and process purchase orders and manage incoming shipments is of great importance.

When you apply for the position of purchasing clerk, make sure that you possess all the important skills and qualifications for this job. This is what you will be doing in this role:

Job Description for Purchasing Clerk Resume

• Create purchase orders and forms and provide guidance to staff members in filling them out.

• Look through filled-out purchase orders to ensure that accurate and appropriate information is present.

• Check for requested items in the inventory, pick them and have them delivered to the requester.

• Ensure that out-of-stock items are properly marked in the system and make arrangements for them to be procured.

• Create a list of viable vendors and suppliers based on pricing and delivery timelines.

• Contact vendors and suppliers to inquire about the availability of required items and place orders according to protocol.

• Follow up with suppliers to ensure that requested items are received on time.

• Check incoming shipments to ensure order accuracy and verify associated paperwork.

• Make arrangements for acquired items to be delivered to the requester and ensure that receipts are signed.

• Maintain procurement records in the system, including items or services purchased, costs, delivery timelines, and product quality and performance.

• Create and maintain inventory of supplies and ensure that any low stock levels are immediately handled.

• Contact vendors and suppliers to provide them with feedback on product quality and suggestions for improvement.