Police Lieutenant Resume Sample

Updated June 7, 2019

The role of a police lieutenant is a complex one, which requires the individual to be absolutely hand-on in what he or she does.

Candidates whose resumes are excellent from all ends will be the only ones considered for this job.


So the first thing that you have to do when applying for a police lieutenant is to make your resume the best that the hiring authority has seen.

Here is a resume sample for this position:

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Police Lieutenant Resume Example


Jim Morris
80 Dealings Road, Manchester, NH70093
(000) 785-8954



Police lieutenant, with 8+ years of experience in leading and overseeing police personnel. Demonstrated expertise in managing assigned police department divisions to ensure exceptional working. Familiar with overseeing staff, allocation of work, training, promotion, and enforcement of internal procedures and controls.


  • Singlehandedly trained 5 teams of police personnel, as part of their induction program
  • Investigated a series of vicious crimes within the city; as a result, apprehended the person performing them within 2 weeks of the beginning of the investigation
  • Implemented a workforce dissemination system, hence, decreased related issues by 55%
  • Devised an employee motivation program, thereby, increased efficiency by 80%


– Operations Management
– Department Oversight
– Training and Development
– Employee Motivation

– Activities Planning
– Deficiency Identification
– Court Liaison
– Hiring Recommendation

– Reporting
– Departmental Budgeting
– Crime Scene Investigation
– Needs Identification


Police Lieutenant
City of Manchester, Manchester, NH | 2013-present

  • Identify the right personnel for training in different areas, such as operations, administration, research
  • Train personnel in handling the work associated with their lines
  • Oversee the supervision of personnel in areas such as work allocation and promotion
  • Enforce internal procedures and controls and resolve problems
  • Evaluate the performance of each individual, and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Assist police officers in investigating crimes, and provide them with heads up in specific areas

Police Officer
City of Keene, Keene, NH | 2007-2013

  • Responded to calls for investigating crimes, such as theft, vandalism, and murder
  • Interviewed witnesses and suspects in order to obtain information from them
  • Apprehended criminals, read them their rights, and ensured that they were detained according to the protocol
  • Created case files, ensuring that they were properly filed
  • Reviewed police reports and logbooks in order to ensure that information is recorded in conformance to protocol


Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice
New Hampshire State University, Keene, NH – 2006

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