Entry Level Plumber Helper Resume With No Experience

Updated on: November 14, 2020

An apprenticeship or diploma in plumbing can go a long way in helping you get a plumber helper’s job.

Apart from this, you will need to write a resume to impress upon the hiring manager that you are a good choice to hire. Your resume should be a solid document that shows your best side as a plumber helper.

How to Write an entry-level plumber helper resume?

A plumber helper’s resume should focus on the individual’s strengths in maintaining, repairing, and installing plumbing and fixtures. Skills in checking pumps, valves, and boiler systems should be highlighted.

Also, it is important to know all about monitoring and adjusting building automation systems as they relate to plumbing.

The example given below will guide you further.

Entry Level Plumber Helper Resume Sample With No Experience

Boris Hansen
4 Dove Drive, Santa Fe, NM45442
(000) 412-9878

Skilled and competent Plumber Helper with extensive knowledge of installing, maintaining, and repairing building components. Ability to take and follow instructions precisely. A hardworking individual with a positive “can-do” attitude.

• Removing blockages in building drains, vents, and distribution systems.
• Installing, and rebuilding drainage systems in accordance with building codes.
• Operating machines and tools such as pipe cutters, reamers, threaders, and drills.

High School Diploma
Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe, NM – 2019

Academic Achievements
• Received accolades from the principal, owing to excellence in academics throughout high school
• Commended for spearheading an academic program, which received praise from the school board

• Component Installation
• Blockage Removal
• Preventative Maintenance
• Trade Methodologies
• Plan Development
• Job Site Preparation
• Waste Disposal
• Safety Assurance


Plumber Apprentice
Moore Works, Santa Fe, NM
• Assisted with plumbing systems installation and repair
• Provided support to system maintenance programs
• Examined plumbing systems, diagnosed issues
• Performed preventative maintenance on plumbing systems
• Adjusted functional parts of mechanical devices
• Cleaned and lubricated parts
• Cleared worksites by removing debris and other materials
• Arranged for tools and equipment to be made available to plumbers
• Gathered tools and equipment at the end of the shift and stored it
• Cleaned and lubricated valves
• Performed flow management tasks
• Assisted in reinstalling repaired components
• Measured, cut, and bent pipes as instructed
• Connected lengths of pipe with fittings
• Ensured that all safety protocols were followed properly
• Performed maintenance on tools and equipment

• Plumbing Software (FieldEdge, ServiceTitan)
• Word and Excel
• Internet and Email

• Volunteered coaching services at a local wood and glass shop
• Worked as a Big Brother at the Santa Fe Orphanage for 3 years in a volunteer capacity

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