Painter and Decorator Resume Sample

Updated on: July 9, 2020

If you are a creative individual, then you may want to work as a painter/decorator. Painters/decorators use coverings in order to enhance surfaces and pretty them up. They are expected to possess creative skills and physical dexterity to be able to carry out these tasks.

It is not essential for a painter or a decorator to possess a degree in this work; creativity is the key to getting this job right.

The following CV sample can help get you a job at this position if you would like to work as a Painter and Decorator.

 Painter Decorator CV and Resume Sample

2091 Saint Paul Street, Burlington, VT 88888
(999) 901-9339

Passionate about colors. Creative with textures.

5+ years’ dedicated work experience as a painter. Conversant with materials and paints used for painting and decorating purposes. Track record of following safety procedures keeping practicality in mind during work. Functional knowledge of measurements, undercoats, and wallpaper fixing.

• Room decoration • Surface measuring
• Quantity estimation • Hole filling
• Surface leveling • Primer/undercoat
• Shade creation • Layer applications
• Color matching • Rag rolling
• Graining • Marbling


SHELBY SERVICES, Burlington, VT (Feb 2009 – Present)
• Confer with clients to determine their needs for paint and decoration
• Assist clients in choosing the right materials
• Me4asure surfaces to decipher quantity of paint or wallpaper needed
• Fill holes and cracks in order to level surfaces
• Mix paint and dispense glue appropriately
• Apply layers of paint and affix wallpaper as necessary

Apprentice Painter
ABC COMPANY, Burlington, VT (Feb 2008 – Jan 2009)
• Assisted in measuring surfaces
• Mixed paints in right quantities to ensure needed color
• Erected ladders and cradles as needed
• Cleaned painting equipment as needed
• Assisted in spray painting activities
• Assisted in applying decorative paint as instructed

Diploma: Burlington High School, Burlington, VT – 2007

• Outstanding physical dexterity
• Exceptional creative sense
• Ability to work in extreme weather conditions
• Working knowledge of painting and gluing principles and procedures
• Strong ability to follow best practices

“I am an expert in re-decorating homes and applying heavy-duty finishes.”