Position Overview A wireless sales associate may work in a store or a field capacity, depending on his or her specific placement. Usually, he or she is expected to work in the former, where their main duty is to make sure that customers are properly serviced, and leave with a positive image of the company […]

It is often quite difficult to provide information of one’s skills in a resume or a cover letter, simply because one doesn’t know where to begin. Although there are no tricks to this, one can pick up a point where this can be made possible. The skills section in a resume allows you to highlight […]

You may think of interviews as the “easy part” of the job application process, but they are not! They are in fact the most difficult to ace, as the pressure of sitting across the table from a prospective employer can really make you feel intimidated and overwhelmed. There is one way to make sure that […]

Overview Great are the resumes that bring instant results – unfortunately, great resumes are hard to come by, and even harder to create. If you go through the following resume sample, you may get a fair idea of what lines a resume should be written along:           Server Technician Resume Example […]

If a cover letter doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, all the effort that you have put into writing one (and creating a resume) will go to waste. Make a special effort to write your cover letter in a profound way. How does one make sure that one writes a cover letter to […]

Overview Interviews may eventually lead us to the jobs of our dreams, but they are notoriously difficult to ace. If you have prepared well for them, you may not have an issue, but preparation is where most things go wrong. If you know your work inside out, it wouldn’t hurt to look through the following […]

Overview If you are sitting at the odd side of the interview table – that is, as an interviewee – the amount of pressure on you must be colossal. To make sure that you do not buckle under this pressure, ensure that you are prepared in advance. The following set of interview questions and answers […]