Not all tricks work when you sit down to write a cover letter to apply for a Flying Instructor job. In fact, it is best not to use trick. Instead, resort to making sure that your cover letter is written in a professional manner. By professional, we mean that a cover letter should do what […]

The reason that many employers depend solely on resumes to make important hiring decisions is because resumes have a lot to offer in terms of professional information. When you write a Manufacturing Production Manager resume, make sure that the information is compelling and relevant.   Sample below to help you along:       Manufacturing […]

Insightful cover letters rock – those that are superficial don’t. Writing an insightful cover letter means that you will be spending a great amount of time in researching the best type of information that you can offer. This will include your abilities and skills in certain areas that a prospective employer requires. Depending on what […]

Position Overview A manufacturing production manager is hired primarily to provide oversight and leadership to the production department of a company. People hired for this position are required to possess great leadership skills, with a great ability to focus on ensuring that deadlines are met properly. Position Requirements Typically, a bachelor’s degree in business or […]

What scares you most about ICT Support Technician interviews? If your answer is “uncertainty”, you might need to work on your preparation a little bit. It is only when one is unprepared for an interview that insecurity sets in.   The following set of interview questions and answers will help you prepare for an interview […]

You will find scores of cover letter samples that say exactly what you want to say. The bad news is that you cannot use even one of them to your advantage. Why? Simply because using someone else’s writing to pass off as your own is not the right thing to do. Unless of course, you […]

Standard cover letter writing is a complete no nowadays, since there is just so much of “standardization” that an employer can take. Prospective employers look kindly at cover letters that are a cut above the rest, and have something new to say. This “something new” is also a problem to contend with – what can […]