There are many things that you need to respect when writing a cover letter for electronics technician position. Many candidates believe that it is alright to fill an entire page with lots of information, leaving little white space. While it is alright to fill your cover letter with information – provided that it is relevant […]

What makes an electronics technician resume stand out in one look? The way it begins. Resume summaries are provided at the top of the document to make sure that your basic job application document is welcomed with open arms. Why do we need a summary to begin our resume? Well, the summary sums up everything […]

An electronics technician’s main work is to conduct, maintain, test and repair electrical and electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components. To work as an electronic technician, it is important to possess deep knowledge of electronic and mechanical systems so that one can understand equipment malfunctions, and provide viable solutions to counter them. To […]

An electronic technician resume without a skills section is not just incomplete – it is sacrilegious! Hiring managers expect to find the skills section in the first go while scanning your resume and if they do not find one, well, the disappointment that they feel can automatically convert into lost interview chances. There is very […]

Interviews need to be successful from both ends. As in, from the candidate’s and the interviewer’s. What does this mean? Well, if you are satisfied with the answers that you have provided to an interviewer (and the interviewer isn’t), that is only half the battle won right? What about the other half? Can you possibly […]

Overview No employer will run through a resume more than once – because once is really quite enough to convince him or her if you are a good choice to hire. Making sure that your resume passes the onceover of a hiring manager’s sharp eye, you have to give it a good cosmetic look, and […]

Cover letters are simple storytellers – they tell stories about your past professional life and they also say a lot about what you can do in the future. As insight goes, cover letters are great avenues to provide serious hiring managers with information of your abilities and accomplishments. In fact, this may be your only […]