There was a time when the basic reason anyone would write a cover letter was to give Medical Driver job application set a “look”. Over the years, this has changed into something much more profound. A Medical Driver cover letter has a deep purpose now, which is to make sure that the accompanying resume is […]

Overview An employee is of no use to an employer if he or she isn’t skilled in a certain area that the latter requires. Even if you are not skilled but have the capacity to learn, you will be considered a good contender to hire at a position. The problem with this is the fact […]

Position Overview A medical driver may work in an emergency and a non-emergency situation – sometimes in both. These individuals are hired by hospitals primarily, but are also required for companies that provide medical dispatch services to hospitals. Most of the day of a medical driver is spent behind the wheel in his or her […]

You might not think so, but once you reach the interview stage, you will need to make an even bigger effort to ace this stage than you have in the past, when your focus was just the resume and the cover letter. It is at this point that you will finally find out what the […]

It is a common misconception that a cover letter is never read. In fact, a cover letter has a better chance of being read than a resume, because the former is less cumbersome to navigate. However, a cover letter can also be rejected because of the way it is created – relevant information and sufficient […]

Overview A Background Investigator resume’s main purpose is to encourage a hiring manager to call a candidate in for an interview. There are many ways in which resumes can be written to impress. Since there is no one way to write a perfect resume, let us give you a format that you can use to […]

Overview Going through half a dozen resumes that do not gel in well with a hiring manager’s requirements can give him or her a “professional” heartburn. Making sure that what you offer to a hiring manager is aligned well with what he or she wants is important. And that is exactly what is done in […]