Position Overview ICT support technicians (information communications technology support technicians) are individuals who are hired specifically for the management, maintenance and development of all ICT equipment, and the provision of technical advice and support. They are required to install new software and hardware, and ensure that any technical issues are resolved in a real time […]

The way you highlight your skills in a resume makes a great difference in how a hiring manager perceives it. If you want to be a hiring manager’s first choice to be hired, you need to do something extra special. Providing detailed information about your skills and abilities in your resume will work wonders for […]

The day you realize that your Print Production Manager resume can do wonders for your chances of obtaining a job interview is the day that you will be able to write it properly. Resumes do not deserve having information just thrown into them – they require time and effort to be created into something that […]

Having had experience writing a dozen or so resumes will not help you in writing a thirteenth one. Why is that? Because each resume is different than another – each situation demands a different type of resume. Here is a Crime Prevention Specialist resume format that will suit all situations:         Crime […]

Cover letters provide hiring managers with a whole lot of information regarding a job seeker’s professional standing. But only some do, while others actually fail in doing what cover letters are supposed to be written for. To make sure that the latter situation does not transpire, you have to make sure that your cover letter […]

Position Overview A crime prevention specialist works in tandem with the police department to provide a liaison with communities, to ensure that criminal activities are kept at bay. They are experts at what they do – and are trained especially to provide limited intervention when criminal activities do prevail. Position Requirements To work as a […]

The whole idea behind writing a Parking Enforcement Officer resume is to tell the hiring manager that you are IT! And that he or she doesn’t need to look any further to find the perfect employee. But the resume has to be exceptionally well-written for this to happen. The following resume sample will show you […]