Position Overview Vocational specialists help people sort out their career options, providing them with intense assessments to bring out what they can do best. They conduct interviews to determine what each client is looking for, and then match their credentials, including education, experience, training and interests with available opportunities. Job Requirements A bachelor’s degree in […]

Position Overview A student support advisor is an individual who is hired by academic facilities (usually schools and colleges) to provide student bodies with information on procedures and policies of the facility, and to assist them throughout their academic journey. These individuals strive to improve student participation, success and retention by working closely and in […]

  There are only two ways to write a resume – the right way and the wrong way. It stands to reason that candidates would want to pick up the former one but how does one know what to do to ensure that one’s resume is written the right way? Well, you need to identify […]

Identifying what type of cover letter you must write is step one in the game. There are different types that you can choose from, depending on your specific situation. If you are applying by answering an advertisement, your cover letter will say different things than when you write one for a position that is not […]

Position Overview A transfer driver does almost the same things as a delivery driver does. He or she may be employed in a commercial or corporate setting and will be provided with a haul that needs to be transferred between locations. Depending on where you want to work, you may be asked to transfer cargo […]

Fine dining restaurants make a lot of effort to ensure that their facilities get 5 star ratings. One such thing is hiring people who have defined roles to play within the restaurant. A fine dining server assistant is one such individual who is hired to assist a host or waiter in serving customers what they […]

  There is very little that you need to do to convert your resume from passable to awesome. One that is of the latter nature is complete, concise, informative and easy to navigate. These are the only 4 things that you need to ensure when preparing your resume. The following is a professional resume sample […]