Guidelines What is the difference between writing a standard Education Outreach Coordinator cover letter and one that will bring results? Plenty. Some cover letters are designed to entice hiring managers in a jiffy. Others are merely pieces of writing that provide information but no stimulation. You have to focus on writing one along the lines […]

The first thing that comes to mind when a prospective employer is deciding whether to hire a candidate or not is “will he be able to do the job?” The answer to this question will decide if you really can become a hiring manager’s favorite candidate. If the answer is no, you may just forget […]

Education outreach coordinators work as spokesmen for an educational institute in order to obtain funding for special projects, and to educate individuals and groups about the availability of services and facilities. These individuals are trained in handling communications work, including writing press releases and grant requests. To work as an education outreach coordinator, you have […]

Navigating the often cumbersome interview process can bring many of our fears to the surface. The fact that you are nervous before an interview is probably a good thing. How so? Well, if you are nervous, it means that you will work hard to overcome your fears. Great going! What do interviews typically involve? Usually […]

  You may have written a perfect resume but if it doesn’t cover all grounds, it is far from perfect. Writing a perfect resume for human resources assistant position comes with a lot of practice and research. If each section of your resume boasts of your suitability for a job, the document is ready to […]

Writing a cover letter involves a lot of things. The first thing that one needs to look into is the format. What type of format will you choose? Then comes the part where you have to place information in it. Is there a “proper” way of putting information in your cover letter? Or a simple […]

What makes you a great hire in the eyes of a prospective employer? The fact that you can offer all that a hiring manager is looking for is what counts the most. Skills is the operative word here. Focusing on your skills when writing a resume is what will take your candidature from point 0 […]