Working in a daycare is a job of great responsibility since one has to do more than just look after little children. The need to be vigilant at all times along with ensuring that each child is taken care of according to his or her age and special instructions provided by parents.

With so many mishaps happening in daycares – child abuse being top of the list – parents or agencies are always very choosy when it comes to finding the best for their child. This means that the competition between daycare centers is increasing with the passage of time. This also means that daycare centers need to be able to provide more than the usual services.

People working in daycares are chosen carefully – not everyone can work well with children. Let us have a look at some of the skills that daycare personnel should have in order to be able to provide the best of services. These bullet points can be used in the skills or qualifications section of your resume.


Sample Skills for Daycare Resume

• Working knowledge of basic infant and child care protocols

• Excellent organizational skills along with the ability to work well in a stressful environment

• Knowledge of child development theories and practices

• Exceptional team building and supervisory skills

• Well honed analytic and problem solving skills

• Effective time management abilities

• Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity

• Profound ability to be compassionate and understand the needs of toddlers

• Able to adapt to different age groups

• Known for remaining calm and patient in hectic situations

• Adept at managing children with special needs

• Demonstrated ability to prepare nutritious meals appropriate to age group