Ride Operator Resume Sample

Updated on: August 28, 2021
How to Write a Professional Resume for Ride Operator Position?

A resume for a ride operator position needs to focus on the individual’s skills in operating amusement park rides safely while providing excellent customer services.

Since ride operators perform a lot of physical work, their resume should highlight their ability to handle physically taxing work.

Another important detail that you must highlight in a ride operator’s resume is his familiarity with emergency response procedures and the ability to handle repetitive work.

To understand how a ride operator’s resume should be written, take a look at the resume sample below.

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Ride Operator Resume Example

Ulysses Hardy
65 Corpus Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19330
(000) 999-9999
uhardy @ email . com


Safety-conscious and detail-oriented Ride Operator with strong expertise in handling complex amusement park rides. Focused on providing exceptional customer service to visitors. Highly experienced in handling repair and maintenance procedures on rides by following set safety protocols. Strong knowledge of operating park rides according to company-set procedures.

• Able to recognize signs of emergencies and deal with them in a prompt manner.
• Complete understanding of performing emergency and general maintenance procedures on park rides.
• Functional knowledge of handling complex park ride control panels.

– Mechanical aptitude
– Communication
– Customer service
– Operation and control
– Complex problem solving
– Critical thinking

• Introduced the “Red Button” alert on each ride for guests to use in case of medical emergencies while onboard a ride.
• Developed a booklet on safe operations for guests to refer to before embarking on a ride.
• Decreased maintenance costs by 52% by suggesting checkups of all rides every week.
• Increased guest turnout by 25% owing to exceptional customer service and up-selling techniques.


Ride Operator
Palace Entertainment, Wilmington, DE
• Greet guests and provide them with information on their favorite rides.
• Educate guests about safety protocols that they need to follow during the ride.
• Confer with guests about any medical issues that they may have before allowing them to embark.
• Assist guests in embarking and disembarking from rides.
• Provide guests with information on what to do during emergencies.
• Start and shut down rides using control panel levers and switches.
• Perform cleaning and maintenance duties before the beginning to each day.
• Inspect rides and surrounding areas to make sure that no hazardous situations transpire.

Park Attendant
Six Flags Entertainment, Wilmington, DE
• Assisted guests in finding their choice of rides.
• Sold tickets and took payments in exchange.
• Performed maintenance tasks such as dusting rides and cleaning surrounding areas.
• Cycled guests around the amusement park intending to provide them with a guided tour on the attractions.
• Provide input during emergencies regarding park rides.

Grover High School, Wilmington, DE, 2008