Production Operator Resume Sample

Updated on: August 24, 2018

Production workers work in a manufacturing setting where their job is to operate machinery or a series of machinery to bring a product to its final stages. This is a skilled job and requires the person performing it to be agile and knowledgeable of its essence.

When applying for a job in this category, one needs to ensure that one puts in his skills in machine operation to be able to bag the role effectively. Let us see how you may do this.

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Production Operator Resume Sample


Summer Doyle

774 E Broadway, Eagle Grove, IA 66633
(019) 999-9999, Email


12+ years of extensive experience in operating process equipment and following all site operating, quality and safety procedures. Ability to clearly and frequently communicate with various functions within the site, including production, maintenance, and quality operations. Methodically performs multiple tasks associated with the production process.

• Able to work well in a self-directed, team environment;
• Excellent attention to detail
• Demonstrated ability to follow instructions

• Wrote a book on following safe practices when operating and repairing production machinery
• Trained three groups of new hires as production workers by employing self-managed training sessions


Production Operator
Zoetis, Eagle Grove, IA
• Select and weighs components following manufacturing directions
• Move parts to weighing area and dumping station
• Inspect finished products to ascertain consistency and blend characteristics
• Sample products according to the quality control procedures.
• Record lot number and weights of materials
• Reconcile weights on batch formulation sheet
• Pack all finished goods under batch specifications
• Assign dates and lot numbers to product labels
• Affix labels to the packaged product
• Clean work area and equipment on a regular basis

Production Operator
Acme Productions, New York, NY        2005-2012
• Operated production machinery as instructed
• Checked foot straps as needed
• Followed QA programs to maintain safety
• Performed basic and routine electronic assembly operations
• Operated tote and drum packaging lines
• Staged packed raw materials and packages
• Managed inventory cycle counting
• Cleaned and maintained equipment

High School Diploma
Some School, New York, NY

E-mail, internet, and online training modules