Production Line Operator Job Description for Resume

Updated on: December 17, 2022

Position Overview

The job of a production line operative is mainly to work on the assembly line, where several components of a product are assembled, and a finished product comes out at the end.

It is done in many industries, for example, toys, food, etc.

Essentially, the work is in manufacturing. Being fast and efficient is always an asset in any job!

The important thing here is to make sure that each step of the process is kept problem free.

Production Line Operator Duties and Responsibilities

• Start up the assembly line at the beginning of the shift, and ensure that machines are calibrated.
• Ensure that the entire assembly line is free of dangerous materials, and is in good working order.
• Assemble product parts, following provided instructions and production protocols.
• Inspect all the product parts to make sure they are all of the highest quality, and none are faulty.
• Remove all faulty or sub-standard parts, and ensure that their statuses are communicated to the supervisor.
• Clean all the equipment, at the beginning of the shift and as the need arises.
• Use power tools, where needed, to weld different product parts together.
• Attach all exterior details, like the company logo, etc., ensuring a neat and smooth result.
• Monitor everything from product parts to the assembly line itself, to ensure that all is going well.
• Prepare finished products for shipment, ensuring that they are properly packed and labeled.

Production Line Operator Qualifications

All you need for a job like this is a high school or equivalent diploma. People don’t usually ask for experience, as most of the time on-the-job training is available, although having some experience is always helpful.

Sometimes a production line operator has to lift heavy machinery, so physical strength is an asset.

You will need to adhere to strict safety regulations – in case of an accident; you will not be the only person in danger. Your colleagues might get hurt too! And above all, you’ll need to ensure the quality of the end product, and report any problems to the supervisor.

Physical dexterity is essential, as is the ability to analyze situations quickly and thoroughly. If you can work swiftly but carefully, you have a good chance of getting the job. You will also need to make regular reports to your line manager, so excellent communication skills are an absolute must.