Printing Press Operator Skills for Resume

Updated on: July 29, 2017

You my never even have thought about it seriously but when it comes to resumes, there is no doubt that the most important part is the skills section.

Hiring authorities automatically zero in on this section, hoping to find the employee of their dreams. If they do not see the skills section in a resume, there is a great chance that they will move on to the next resume in line.

A job seeker’s skills set is his or her prime asset and must be showed off in detail. The only way that you can actually do this successfully is if you pen down each and every skill that you possess in bullets within a resume.

But remember that each skills statement that you do write needs to be relevant to the position for which you have applied. Anything that is irrelevant may actually work against you, as the prospective employer may deem you careless.

It is imperative to create a dedicated section for skills in a resume to be able to get through to a hiring authority in a successful fashion. A section on your resume which is focused on how good you are professionally is exactly what the doctor has ordered for a hiring manager whose main focus is on hiring someone who is perfect in every sense. To see how skills statements are written in resume, refer to the sample below:


Sample Skills for Printing Press Operator Resume


• Proven ability to install plates and wash blankets, and verify copy checks, correct ink, scores, and bar codes.

• Highly skilled in moving controls and levers to start and stop printing press machines, and manually setting and adjusting speed, temperature and ink flow.

• Proficient in loading and positioning raw materials in loading and feeding mechanisms of press machines.

• Adept at installing, adjusting, dismantling, reassembling and removing parts and equipment such as printing plates, blankets, roller, dies and cylinders.

• Effectively moves materials and fixtures such as paperboard rolls, dies and repeats using forklifts, pallet jacks and hand carts.

• Competent in monitoring and controlling operations of auxiliary equipment including cutters, UV lights and delivery tables.

• Qualified to oversee feeding, printing and delivery processes of press machines to ensure that specified levels of operation are maintained.

• Experienced in inspecting printed products for clarity, color accuracy and conformance to provided specifications.

• Ability to effectively perform both preventative and regular maintenance on printing press machines and auxiliary equipment.