Press operators have an interesting job as many printing jobs ranging from the mundane business cards to the very interesting manuscripts go through their hands for processing.

Their main job is to ensure that all equipment and auxiliary items are ready and in working order for obliging a printing job.

Press operators are required to manage and run equipment that performs printing jobs. They work in printing presses and may also work in a small printing concern depending on their own personal setting.

No matter which setting you want to work in, the following cover letter will help you acquire this position.



Sample Cover Letter for Press Operator Resume



Sean Henn
4902 Alcarol Drive
Fenton, CO 74547
(900) 201-5485

July 30, 2017

Ms. Sarah Adams
Manager HR
Uwrite Printers
300 Arbor Chase Road
Fenton, CO 32310


Dear Ms. Adams:

Having seen your advertisement for Press Operator position in the Daily Telegraph, I would like to state my interest in it. With almost a decade of adjusting inks, mounting rolls and running press folders, I am well qualified to work for you.

The advent of technology, especially in the printing business, has made a lot of things obsolete; what it hasn’t made obsolete is experience and the skills acquired from it. I have had the good luck of being able to go hand in hand with technology over the years and I am well versed with many printing activities of the modern times such as ink and water control along with a great knowledge of operating and maintaining printing equipment.

Thriving in an atmosphere that is deadline oriented, I ensure that I audit both equipment and materials prior to a printing job in order to remain in accordance with timelines and quality.

If you need someone who has large scale printing experience and can work on a tight schedule without compromising on quality, I am your candidate. I would be happy to oblige if you need a physical demonstration of my abilities and would welcome a chance to speak with you personally. Thank you for the courtesy extended in reviewing my application.



Sean Henn

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