Printing Press Operator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 29, 2017

Never has Printing Press Operator cover letter writing been as complicated as it is nowadays.

With so much competition out there and hiring authorities’ insistence on processing only the obviously best applications for a job, writing a cover letter can become quite a headache.

However, since you have to send one along with your resume if you want any chance to be considered for a position, there is no point in lamenting about the complications of writing a cover letter.

Outlining which position you are applying for, and how you intend to contribute to it effectively is step number one. If you are responding to an advertisement, make sure that you mention where you saw the ad, and how well you are suited for the position, pertaining to the requirements posted in it.

If you are seeking a job opportunity within a company that has not been advertised, you may need to use a different approach. A standard (but standout) cover letter sample is provided below for your reference:


Printing Press Operator Cover Letter Example



365 White Street
Tacoma, WA 45217

July 29, 2017

Mr. Elvis Tucker
Human Resource Manager
Graphic Packaging
1822 Cushman Avenue
Tacoma, WA 48802


Dear Mr. Tucker:

Tending complex printing machines with exceptional prowess and expertise is something that I have done every day for the past 6 years. As an experienced and highly skilled printing press operator, with a strong exposure to handling large printing jobs of complicated natures, I am sure that my candidature will be of great interest to you.

Visual color discrimination and the ability to match and detect differences between colors is a combination that you will rarely find in a printing press operator. I boast of both, along with exceptional comprehension of installing plates, handling machine controls and levers, manually and automatically setting and adjusting speed, temperature, ink-flow and tension, and loading, positioning and adjusting parts and equipment.

As far as my oversight skills go, I am competent in monitoring feeding, printing and delivery processes of presses to maintain specified operating levels and detecting malfunctions. Moreover, I am proficient in inspecting and examining printed products to ensure compliance with quality standards, including clarity, color accuracy and conformance to specifications.

With the skills set and expertise that I have to offer if considered seriously for the position of a printing press operator, I am sure you will not have to look elsewhere. To further build up on this, I would like to meet with you in person soon – I will call to set up a meeting time. In the meantime, you may reach me at (000) 444-4444 if you require further information regarding my skills and experience in this regard.




Frank Freeman

Attachment: Resume