CCTV Operator Skills for CV or Resume | 17 Examples

Updated on: August 12, 2020
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Your CCTV operation skills need to be perfect if you want the hiring manager to take an interest in you. In your resume, you can highlight these skills by writing solid statements to project your abilities.

Since all good resume formats have skills sections, this is not difficult to do. However, writing a skills statement is not everyone’s cup of tea. Firstly, you will need to find out what skills are required exactly.

For a CCTV operator position, your skills in operating CCTV equipment, and storing footage in a confidential manner need to be highlighted. Also, you must tell the hiring manager that you are an analytic and organized individual, who can effectively make observations, and report incidents.

As a CCTV operator, your knowledge of positioning cameras is extremely important. In addition, you must highlight that you can effectively keep incident logs, and give evidence in court if required.

Some skills statements particular to include in a CCTV operator resume are provided below:

Sample CCTV Operator Skills for CV or Resume

1. Highly knowledgeable about setting up CCTV camera, and positioning them according to requirements

2. Demonstrated ability to monitor CCTV live footage to detect incidents, and gather information and evidence

3. Able to comply with CCTV codes of practice, data protection, and human rights acts

4. Expert in effectively and sequentially monitor and control cameras, and take required action

5. Skilled in responding to radio and telephone calls from authorities relevant to CCTV coverage

6. Proficient in verifying that all internal and external cameras remain in good working order

7. Deeply familiar with performing processes to protect people, property, and data

8. Adept at maintaining facility security with high alert status at all times

9. Proven ability to operate central control panels and manage entry authorizations

10. Solid track record of effectively and efficiently notifying appropriate staff members of vehicle and pedestrian entry

11. Highly experienced in maintaining and keeping a watchful eye on al surveillance monitors

12. Exceptional knowledge of jetting, cabling, and installing clean-outs as they pertain to CCTV cameras

13. Competent in performing preventative and regular maintenance on all surveillance equipment

14. Familiar with documenting and producing accurate inspection reports, and complete necessary paperwork

15. Ability to maintain the inventory of CCTV footage by following confidentiality protocols

16. Exceptional ability to intervene in instances of theft, or robbery, or other nefarious activities

17. Well-versed in effectively communicating with crew members, in order to keep them updated about current situations

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