CCTV Operator Resume and CV Sample and Guidelines

Updated on: November 1, 2020
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CCTV Operator Resume Introduction and Guidelines

A CCTV operator’s resume should include information to convince the hiring manager that the applicant is the best choice there is. This is possible if the format is friendly to read, and the information within is excellently placed.

It is important that your resume spells out your qualifications as a CCTV operator for the job’s requirements. If you are parking your resume in an online database, or expect the ATS to scan it, make sure that it specifies that you possess the most common CCTV operator skills.

Sample CV and Resume for CCTV Operator Position

Joshua Clive
863 Nathan Lane, New York City, NY 87012
(000) 999-3523


Active and vigilant CCTV operator with three years of professional experience in setting up, calibrating, and operating surveillance equipment. Observant and resourceful in setting camera positions, and monitoring people and incidents. Strong time management and communication skills, excel in a team and individual settings, and proficient in using and maintaining technology to perform key surveillance tasks.


CCTV Operator
Hilton Towers, New York City, NY

Singlehandedly recognized unsavory behavior on CCTV cameras and notified the authorities before a serious incident could transpire. Implemented an exit control policy, thereby, increased security level by 50%.

  • Set up, calibrate, and operate CCTV cameras and equipment
  • Monitor assigned floor activities
  • Create activity and observation logs
  • Use video recording software to record incidents
  • Burn media on CDs and DVDs, and save images
  • Share video and image files as requested
  • Maintain security control of all exits and entrances
  • Manage entry authorization by operating central control panels
  • Notify staff members of vehicle and pedestrian entry and exit
  • Maintain and monitor security intercoms within the facility
  • Handle backup panel control functions
  • Perform preventative and regular maintenance on surveillance equipment
  • Notify authorities of any problems or nefarious activities immediately

Assistant CCTV Operator
Coastal Perimeters, New York City, NY

  • Minimized surveillance downtime by suggesting backup camera installation
  • Checked security cameras for possible trouble, such as thefts and vandalism
  • Monitored vehicles and other traffic in and out of the premises
  • Assessed ongoing critical situations in view of potential threats
  • Conducted daily security checks as instructed
  • Stored CCTV footages in a safe and confidential manner

Equipment Operations | Preventative Maintenance
Footage Storage | Surveillance Oversight
Incident Reporting | Log Maintenance
Security Maintenance | Exit Control
Panel Handling | Authorities Liaison
Downtime Minimization | Safety Management

High School Diploma
St. John’s High School, New York City, NY – 2011

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