10 CCTV Operator Objectives for CV and Resume | Examples

Updated on: January 3, 2023
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When writing a resume or CV to apply for a CCTV operator position, make sure that you mention an objective statement at the very beginning.

Even though a CV objective is a short excerpt of what your skills and abilities as CCTV operators are, it is sufficient to convince the hiring manager to take a special interest in your candidature.

The objective should highlight the candidate’s ability to set up and operate complex surveillance cameras and equipment.

Also, it should project CCTV operator skills such as monitoring live footage and intervening when the situation demands it.

As a CCTV operator, you need to show that you are an excellent person to hire because you know both the operation and maintenance of CCTV equipment.

Write your CCTV operator resume objective with a short length and compelling content worth.

Three to four sentences outlining your enthusiasm and potential are sufficient. Here are some examples:

10 Sample Objectives for CCTV Operator CV or Resume

1. Highly competent CCTV Operator looking for a position at Southeast Connections. Leveraging hands-on experience in surveillance and security control of the assigned premises to maintain security with a high alert status at all times.

2. Dexterous and alert CCTV Operator, eager to contribute to ABC Company to meet its security goals. Bringing current New York Security Guard License and 3+ years of hands-on experience in providing superior customer service, security, and protection service. Current First Aid and CPR certificate

3. Seeking a CCTV Operator position with Core Travels, employing expertise in operating surveillance equipment to maintain security standards at all times. Exceptional ability to work collaboratively with and without supervision.

4. Resourceful and dynamic CCTV Operator with 10+ years of a solid track record of monitoring CCTV footage. Presently seeking a position at The Protector Group.

5. To work for ABC Company as a CCTV Operator. Offering proficiencies in monitoring live pictures coming in from surveillance cameras. Expert in keeping logs of incidents, and ensuring proper documentation of daily activities.

6. A CCTV Operator position at Muller Erosion and Site Services. Eager to apply well-placed knowledge of monitoring screens for the purpose of security and incident detection.

7. Vigilant individual, seeking a challenging position as a CCTV Operator at X Company. Bringing competencies in effectively and sequentially controlling all cameras, and taking action as and when necessary. Exceptional ability to maintain thorough records, including incident logs, and repair and maintenance books.

8. CCTV Operator with 6 years of a solid track record of maintaining control of central surveillance equipment. Currently looking for a position with Vortex Companies.

9. Looking for a CCTV Operator position at ABC Company. Deeply familiar with using surveillance cameras to determine suspicious acts, and intervening accordingly.

10. Detail-oriented CCTV Surveillance Operator poised to contribute to Amazon. Coming with the ability to actively observe all areas of operations using digital surveillance equipment to minimize threats and illegal activities.

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