Best Production Operator Resume Sample

Updated on: October 10, 2016

Without a college degree, sometimes writing a resume for production operator position can seem daunting. However, certain jobs require a basic high school diploma or a GED and emphasizing work experience counts. Never fear!

Writing about tasks and responsibilities that show off your knowledge, skills and creativity that go with the trade can push your resume up to par with candidates having vocational degrees. Furthermore, show your dependability, honesty, loyalty and the ability to learn, be flexible, a team leader and valuable member.

Take a look at the following sample resume for production operator position to see how your skills and assets can be written effectively on paper.


Production Operator Resume Sample


Jose Cruz

550 Battery St Apt 916 | San Francisco, CA 94111 | (000) 145-8545 | josecruz @ email . com


Dynamic, successful and driven.

Performance Summary: Dedicated Production Operator with 8-plus-year track record of success in performing activities and tasks associated with manufacturing. Proficient in surface preparation, tooling, final product assembly and propellant ingredient handling. Works collaboratively to enhance the quality and safety of end products.


– Quantity Control – Production Protocols – ISO Procedures
– Output Recording – Deviation Check – Levels Maintenance
– Crane Rigging – Equipment Preservation – Test Batch Handling
– QMOS – Computer Operations – Equipment Cleanliness


Commercial Metal Company, San Francisco, CA (1/2015 to Present)
Production Operator

• Set up and maintain equipment that led to the most minimized change-over time within 5 years
• Reduce product yield loss by 58000$ through dedicated production methods to work on the mechanics of time management
• Coordinate with team members to maintain quality of production operations
• Complete all production processes in agreement with the Quality Management System and ISO directives
• Plan and coordinate with peers /supervisors to ensure safe operations and environmental compliance
• Ensure equipment is set up to produce quality products and decrease change-over time and delays
• Maintain mill operations with the help of Mill Operation Systems and other tools
• Implement corrective actions and make adjustments for smooth running of processes
• Perform preventive maintenance activities on production machinery

OIY LLC, San Francisco, CA (4/2013 to 1/2015)
Machine Operator

• Reduced non-value-added production time by 12%
• Minimized size-up delays by 8% by implementing a dynamic system to ensure on-time production delivery
• Made recommendations regarding personnel development, safety, bar quality, equipment preservation and cost reductions
• Handled material sampling work to ensure conformance to product quality standards
• Maintained proper counts of production cycles to ensure that they meet with specified directives
• Calibrated machines at the beginning of each shift and troubleshot operations during shifts
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on production equipment and machinery

ISOLA GROUP, San Francisco, CA (1/2008 to 2/2013)
Machine Aide

• Assisted in setting up machines at the beginning of each shift
• Performed regular maintenance on equipment and machines and provided support in calibrating them prior to each shift
• Inspected machines to determine faults or need for maintenance and provided feedback to supervisors
• Performed random tests to ensure accuracy and safety of production machinery
• Maintained records of machine outputs and compared it with standards to ensure compliance

High School Diploma – 2007