HSE Officer Resume Sample

Updated on: December 20, 2017

Going down the ordinary route in resume writing is an employment faux pas. Ordinary resumes never sell but extraordinary resumes do.

An “extraordinary” resume is defined as one that is completely fool proof in its ability to provide a stark picture of one’s capabilities.

While this is no easy feat, it is essential to make this happen in order to provide credibility to your existence as a professional.

Now, what exactly is it that will make a resume special in the eyes of a hiring manager?

Referring to the following example may help you understand:


HSE Officer Resume Example



Thomas Curtis

55 W 110th Street, New York ● NY 79852 ● (000) 695-2520 ● tomcurt @ email . com


Highly motivated HSE Officer with a strong background in carrying out daily operations of the HSE department with a view to contribute to the application of effective health, safety and environmental management. Ability to assist in the compliance of reviews and general risk assessments to support HSE management. Competent at promoting incident prevention to ensure a safe and healthy environment for employees and members.


• Risk Assessment • Resistance Management • Program Development
• Behavior-based Observation • Job Hazard Analysis • Safety Programs
• Records Maintenance • Hazard Communication • Risk Reduction
• Site Inspections • Health/Safety Strategies • In-house Training

• Reduced instances of work-related respiratory issues by 77% by implementing a core Respiratory Protection program.
• Increased worksite safety and health awareness by holding a series of workshops on workplace safety and employee wellbeing.
• Introduced the Safety Incentive Program which increased member efficiency in handling work-related hazards appropriately.
• Conducted 15 in-house training programs to train 22 new hires and 12 HSE interns.


GMBH, New York, NY (6/2012 to Present)
HSE Officer
• Handle risk assessments to consider how risks can be reduced.
• Plan and execute safe operational procedures to identify and take account of all hazards.
• Carry out periodic site inspections to check that appropriate policies and procedures are being implemented and followed.
• Tweak working practices to ensure compliance with safety, health and environmental protocols.
• Prepare and implement health and safety strategies and develop internal policies.
• Lead in-house training programs to develop new hires and interns.
• Identify potential hazards and determine effective ways of reducing risks associated with them.
• Assist in addressing identified actions, resulting from HSE audits and inspections.

SCALLA INC., New York, NY (1/2010 to 5/2012)
HSE Assistant
• Assisted HSE personnel during site inspections and provided them feedback derived from review.
• Created and maintained relevant HSE logs and documentations.
• Provided support in the implementation of health, safety and environmental laws.
• Recorded incidents and accidents onsite and produced correlating statistics for reviewing purposes.
• Managed safe disposal of hazardous materials such as chemicals and asbestos.

Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Safety Studies