Construction Safety Officer Resume Sample

Updated on: January 26, 2023

A resume for a construction safety officer will require you to place information about your knowledge in this regard.

This means that the skills, education, achievements, competency, and experience sections must be properly written.

In your resume, you should highlight your knowledge of monitoring safety policies and regulations,  overseeing the disposal of substances, according to environmental guidelines, and inspecting worksites for safety compliance.

Have a look at the following resume sample for a construction safety officer position, in order to gain ideas:

Construction Safety Officer Resume Example

Christina Evans
889 Anchor Road, Yuma, AZ28773
(000) 999-9999


A construction safety officer with 13 years of extensive experience in leading onsite safety programs. Highly skilled in developing construction safety site strategies, as well as implementing them in a proper manner.


Strategy Development
Reports Documentation
Safety Assurance
Preventative Measures
Staff Education
Statistical Information Recording
Policy Making

• Implemented a unique safety assurance plan, as a result, reduced accidents by 50%.
• Trained 75 construction staff members in working in a safe manner, as part of their induction.
• Strategized preventative measures systems, hence, increased worksite safety by 75%.
• proved to be invaluable in creating safety policies for worksite personnel and property.


Construction Safety Officer
Cherokee Construction Company, Yuma, AZ
• Create and implement safety strategies for worksites.
• Inspect worksites in order to ensure that they are safe for workers.
• Implement and monitor safety management programs.
• Identify deficiencies in worksites.
• Consult with management in order to discuss issues, such as safety lapses.
• Act as a safety educator by developing and implementing plans.
• Oversee and ensure compliance with certification aspects.
• Respond to safety problems and incidents.
• Raise awareness of potential hazards that may exist on job sites.
• Conduct ongoing safety education sessions.

Construction Safety Assistant
Shawmut Design and Construction, Yuma, AZ
• Assisted in inspecting worksites in order to determine security concerns.
• Supported regular safety audits.
• Reviewed identified hazards, and provided feedback.
• Helped with incident investigations.
• Developed safety plans for worksites.
• Performed hazard inspection tasks.
• Created and submitted documents associated with safety incidents.
• Oversaw the installation of safety monitoring systems and equipment.

Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Safety
Arizona State University, Yuma, AZ

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