Structural Welder Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 4, 2016

Structural welder cover letters have the capacity to bring out an individual’s ability to be productive in a work environment. And if your cover letter can possible make it known that you will be immediately contributory, you are in a win-win situation. However, for a cover letter to be able to do this effectively, it has to be written with care, following a great deal of research.

What type of research? You need to know exactly what it is that the company is looking for before you begin writing how suitable you are. If you provide a suitability profile without actually finding out what the company’s requirements are, you risk giving off the impression of being overly boastful. And that is a negative point on your scoreboard.

Finding out what an employer is looking for in a prospective employee is foremost. When you look through job descriptions that the employer has specifically provided in an advertisement, you can easily pick out the several things that relate to you. And you can then use this information to your advantage by spelling out exactly what it is that you have that the employer will be impressed with. To see how this can be done, refer to the cover letter sample for a structural welder below:


Structural Welder Cover Letter Sample


524 7th Street
Layton, UT 20112

October 4, 2016

Mr. Cody Pope
Hiring Manager
BAE Systems
332 Wasatch Street
Layton, UT 52120


Dear Mr. Pope:

Your requirements for a “trained structural welder who has worked on largescale structures such as bridges and skyscrapers” is right on target with my experiences and qualifications.

To provide you with an overview of my talents in this arena, I would like to elaborate on the following:

• Hands-on experience in determining structural welding requirements by studying blueprints and creating plans to handle individual project requirements
• Effectively able to translate instructions into actual actions, by employing exceptional expertise in using tools and equipment to ensure conformance to specifications
• Deep insight into design techniques, tools and principles involved in the production of precision technical plans and models

In addition, I have been especially trained to perform structural welding work which conforms to company rules and OSHA standards, ensuring both workplace safety and that of the workers. As a structural welder who has had considerable experience in welding of ceramic tape in 1G, 2G and 3G positions, you will find me an apt fit for your requirements.

I will call you soon to see if you can meet with me next week or at a time convenient for you. In the interim, you can contact me at (000) 544-5214.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Joshua Hill

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