Rehabilitation Nurse Resume Sample

Updated on: March 14, 2022

A job seeker cannot possibly know how successful a rehab nurse’s resume will be unless it is read by the employer.

But one can make it so that it reaches the success ladder with as much ease as possible.

What you write in a resume and how you present information is both important to its success.

Look at the sample resume below for reference:

Rehabilitation Nurse Resume Example

Catherine Riggs
7990 Ephrata Avenue
Soap Lake, WA 40795
(000) 488-2514
catriggs @ email . com


Washington State Registered Nurse

Patient service-oriented, helpful and diligent Rehabilitation Nurse with 11+ years’ extensive experience in assisting patients with both medical and functional abilities. Proficient in conducting intake evaluations through screening, interviewing, and examining patients according to established standards. A problem-solver with a sense of accountability and a positive attitude. Exceptional skills in aiding the implementation of rehabilitation goals. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Patient Satisfaction: Successfully rehabilitated a patient (whom other rehabilitation team members had given up on) suffering from long-term effects of a chronic illness.
• EOL Process Improvement: Incorporated a module (to the basic EOL plan) that focused on assisting patients’ families on an emotional level.
• Lifesaving: Saved a patient’s life by recognizing the early signs of schizophrenia and stopping her from self-harming just in time.
• Patient Education: Created, developed, and implemented a comprehensive patient education program, still being used at the facility.


Rehabilitation Nurse
Shands Healthcare, Soap Lake, WA
2016 – Present
• Interview patients and families to determine patients’ medical and treatment histories.
• Assess patients to determine the extent of disability and need for rehabilitation activities.
• Assist doctors in creating and implementing rehabilitation programs based on the individual needs of each patient.
• Provide patients with physical and emotional support according to their specific plans.
• Help patients adapt to lifestyle changes and teach them new skills that they will need in order to survive.
• Educate patients and families about the different types of rehab services available to them and help them choose by providing suggestions according to their medical conditions.
• Ascertain that patients’ vitals are taken and recorded throughout the rehabilitation process.
• Encourage patients to perform daily tasks independently and help them where their limitations crop up.
• Monitor patients’ health and comfort and ensure that any emotional or physical problems are dealt with in an immediate manner.

Registered Nurse
Hallmark Health, Soap Lake, WA
2004 – 2016
• Evaluated patients to determine their medical / nursing needs and created and implemented correlating nursing programs.
• Administered medication through mouth and IVs and ensure that any IM administrations are handled timely and efficiently.
• Provided support to patients with daily living tasks such as grooming, toileting, and washing.
• Monitored and recorded patients’ vitals and ensured that any significant changes were communicated to the doctor or nurse manager.
• Educated patients and their families about what to expect during medical procedures and care.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 
Soap Lake Nursing School, Soap Lake, WA

✓ Lifestyle Changes Support
✓ Chronic Illness Rehabilitation
✓ Patient Education
✓ Emotional Support
✓ Convalescent Care
✓ Adaptive Capabilities Support
✓ EOL Care
✓ Physical Therapy
✓ Limitations Assessment
✓ Neurological Rehabilitation
✓ Continuous Motion Therapy
✓ Long-term Care