Oncology Nurse Resume Sample & Job Description

Updated on: January 16, 2023

Oncology nurses are employed by hospitals and healthcare facilities where they provide supportive services to patients undergoing treatment for cancer.

They need to possess a degree in oncology and complete an oncology certification to be eligible to work as oncology nurses.

The two basic oncology certifications are OCN (oncology certified nurse) and CPON (certified pediatric oncology nurse).

Since cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases in the world, it is important to hire people who are adept at handling it.

Hospitals and cancer facilities ensure that they hire qualified oncology nurses primarily because there is a great need to support staff that knows the disease inside out and can provide emotional support to patients as well.

Writing a compelling Oncology Nurse resume is tricky yet important to apply for a job. This page contains guidance and a sample resume to help you write an excellent resume.

How to Write a Professional Resume for Oncology Nurse Position?
  1. Read the oncology nurse job description provided by the employer.
  2. Start your resume with a professional summary or objective statement.
  3. Include your core competencies, key achievements, and experiences.
  4. Mention your educational background and any additional related courses or training.
  5. Customize your resume as per the needs of the employer.
  6. Keep your resume short and simple.


Here is an example to guide you further.

Oncology Nurse Resume Example

 Roberta Gerald, RN
Boston, MA
(000) 555-6252
roberta @ email . com

Reliably achieving success in the healthcare field.

Compassionate, dedicated RN with 13+ years of experience in oncology nursing. Focused on providing exceptional care through therapy administration, symptom management, and supportive care for Oncology and Hematology patients. Record of managing care plans based on knowledge of cancer, treatment, and side effects. OCN (oncology certified nurse).


Oncology Nurse
Community Hospital, Boston, MA
• Offered excellent patient care that significantly increased patients’ comfort and satisfaction.
• Received ‘Beacon Award’ from the American Association of Critical Care Nursing.
• Achieved AOCN Award of the year in Oncology Nursing in 2021.
• Provided ongoing care to oncology and hematology patients.
• Maintained patient portfolios chart and administer medicine as per schedule.
• Spread awareness regarding the risks of cancer.
• Informed people how to detect early cancer through community services seminars.
• Handled patient complaints.

Oncology Nurse
• Inspected all chemotherapy equipment.
• Coordinated with doctors and specialist physicians.
• Helped patients emotionally by enhancing their willpower to fight cancer.
• Provided volunteer services to educate people about cancer in seminars and conferences.
• Kept record of the daily amount of medicine administered per patient requirements.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Boston Nursing College, Boston, MA

OCN (oncology certified nurse)
BLS – American Heart Association

– Chemotherapy – Patient Education
– Patient Assessment – IV Therapy
– Medicine Administration – Symptom Treatment
– Palliative Care – Emotional Support
– Progress Monitoring – Biotherapy

Oncology Nurse Job Description for Resume

  • Handle patients suffering from different types of cancers and provide them with continuous bedside care.
  • Develop and implement individualized treatment plans for patients under the supervision of an oncology doctor.
  • Check patients for signs of cancerous cells by performing lab tests.
  • Create and maintain liaison with laboratory staff to expedite patients’ test results.
  • Provide emotional support to patients and families to promote a positive outlook.
  • Educate patients and families about the disease and available treatments.
  • Teach patients and families about treatment expectations and after-treatment care.
  • Observe patients on a constant basis and report and record any unusual findings.
  • Serve as a community health educator for cancer awareness.
  • Maintain updates about cancer treatments and experimental drugs.
  • Ensure patient comfort during the hospital stay and throughout treatments.
  • Make sure that patients are kept as comfortable as possible post-treatment.
  • Assess the post-treatment health of patients and ensure that they are provided with the appropriate medication.
  • Show empathy and love to children who have cancer in a bid to offer them and their families compassion and respect.
  • Make sure that patients’ meals are prepared according to their specific health plans.
  • Administer medication and cancer treatments as per schedule.