Cover letters for clinical educators possess specific information about their abilities to train nurses in order to provide excellent patient services and to ensure that a facility’s environment is conducive to patient care and comfort.

Let us see how this can be incorporated in a cover letter.

Clinical Educator Cover Letter Example

241 Black Oak Drive
Medford, OR 42371

October 20, 2012

Mr. Stanley Samuel
Hospital Administrator
Family Health Hospital
872 Old Stage Road
Medford, OR 24232


Dear Mr. Samuel:

As an enthusiastic individual with a keen interest in medical practices and a knack for imparting training and knowledge in the world of nursing, I want to be considered for the position of Clinical Educator at Family Health Hospital.

As noted on my resume, I am highly skilled in providing nursing staff with developmental expertise and possess ability to strive hard to maintain standards and meet expectations. Having worked in this field for quite some time, I am comfortable with using educational tools that empower the nursing staff with knowledge to achieve excellence. I possess profound skills in competency assessment, continuing education and leadership development that are the essence of all nursing facilities My resume will provide you with further insight into my better qualifications..

Working for Family Health Hospital will provide the facility with excellence in education services. I look forward to meeting you in person soon so that we may discuss this position further. I am available at (776) 600-6666 if you need to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Nancy Turner

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