Medical Office Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 19, 2018

Medical office managers are also called healthcare executives or healthcare administrators.

They are great multi-taskers; assist doctors with medical procedures along with managing the personnel and entire offices.

People wanting to work in this position will need to ensure that they portray their skills in a cover letter when applying for a job in this capacity.

Here is how they can do it!

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Cover Letter for Medical Office Manager Resume



Patricia Caleb

7361 James Road, Groton, SD 63534
☏ (000) 111-1111
patricia.caleb @ email . com

August 19, 2018

Ms. Catherine Hopkins
Manager HR
Family Health Clinic
9022 Parkview Drive
Groton, SD 53535


Dear Ms. Hopkins:

I was pleased to learn of your need for a Medical Office Manager at Family Health Clinic, as my career goals and proficiencies are directly corresponding to this opportunity. My hands-on experience in diverse healthcare settings and business education have provided me with excellent knowledge of clinic practices, personnel management, billing and coding and other relevant skills required of an active leader.

Following are some highlights of my qualifications and accomplishments which makes me a perfect candidate for this position:

• Track record of managing the smooth day to day operations of the clinic such as supplies and back office management, bookkeeping, patient scheduling, and billing and coding tasks.

• Demonstrated ability to oversee, develop and motivate office personnel.

• Highly skilled in performing clinical duties such as assisting with blood draws alike.

As an expert in managing several tasks simultaneously, I deem myself efficient in both administrative and medical assistance functions. My sound background in medicine and possess a working knowledge of medical terminology would help me manage my work more efficiently.

It will be an absolute delight for me to contribute to the success of a prestigious healthcare facility such as the Family Health Clinic. I will call your office next week to arrange a mutually convenient time for the meeting.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Patricia Caleb

(000) 111-1111

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