Medical Office Front Desk Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Updated March 7, 2017

Differentiating between what should go into a medical office front desk clerk cover letter, and what can be comfortably left behind to be used in a face to face meeting, can be quite a problem. Put a little bit of what you are capable of in a cover letter and leave the rest for the interview. Cover letters cannot be long accounts of what your abilities are, but they do need to be substantial pieces of writing. The idea behind writing a cover letter is to intrigue the human resource manager enough to call you for an interview. You can then build up on the information that you have already provided to him or her.

Impressing human resource managers of today isn’t a walk in the park. In fact, these individuals are so tough to impress that one often gets discouraged when one’s efforts fail. Not to worry. Take a look at the following cover letter sample for ideas:


Medical Office Front Desk Clerk Cover Letter Example


58 Hamilton Ave
Norwalk, OH 54774

March 7, 2017

Mr. Simon Hallmark
Human Resource Manager
The Practice
52 Linwood Avenue
Norwalk, OH 87452


Dear Mr. Hallmark:

Leading the front desk of a busy medical practice for the last 6 years, I am positive of my ability to be immediately contributory to The Practice. But my experience is not my only forte. The skills set that I have developed over the years is far superior to any experience that I may have acquired in this time. Optimizing patients’ satisfaction and providers’ time is my main target while working as a medical front desk clerk – and I have been highly successful in ensuring this during the time I have worked at this position.

Scheduling patients to ensure effective provider time management, reviewing service delivery compared to schedules, and reminding providers of any service delays is my niche. Additionally, I am quite comfortable and experienced in comforting patients (and their families) by effectively anticipating their anxious states of mind, and providing counseling to put their fears at rest. As a flexible and well-organized individual, I have also been proactively involved in maintaining the operations of the front desk, including ensuring that patients’ files are properly created and confidentially maintained, and that the office inventory is kept at par.

Owing to these qualifications (and others that I intend to build up on during an interview), I am sure you will be interested in my candidature as a medical office front desk clerk. To provide you with a more profound view of my abilities, I will call you soon to set up a meeting time.



Seema Polish

(000) 214-7484