Medical Laboratory Technologist Skills Samples

Updated on: July 1, 2016

Whatever you do, never write a medical technologist resume or a cover letter without mentioning the special skills that you possess. These will help your case immensely when a hiring manager is in a state of judgement and has many other candidates who fit the bill as well you do.

Mentioning skills in a resume and cover letter is important but so is the ability to show it during an interview. No matter which job application stage you look at, skills become the deciding factor always. So while an employer may be impressed with all your achievements and experiences, he will still want to know how well-suited you are for the job – through your skills.

If you are positive that you are an exceptional candidate, make it known to the employer as well. Analyze your abilities to see what you can do and how your skills fit in with the requirements of the organization. For your own benefit, make a chart and do a comparison. And then align your qualifications for the job with what the employer wants. Tada! You will now be able to write your resume and cover letter, or appear for an interview in a confident manner.

Oh yes, make sure that all your skills are written in a clear yet concise manner. You do not want to make a perfect match and then not be able to write it in a clear manner. Here is how you can write skills statements:

Medical Laboratory Technologist Skills Samples

• Track record of accurately performing laboratory tests aimed at producing reliable and precise data to support patient specimen
• Highly experienced in preparing specimens and samples according to standard operating procedures
• Proven ability to operate standard laboratory equipment and perform preventative and regular maintenance on it as well
• Qualified to handle phlebotomy procedures by collecting specimen from patients and ensuring that sample integrity is constantly maintained
• Able to effectively follow lab procedures for specimen handling and processing and handling test analysis activities
• Proficient in performing specimen analysis of all chemistry, hematology and immunology specimens, with special focus on accuracy of results
• Adept at adhering to laboratory’s quality control procedures, instrument and procedural calibrations and instrument maintenance schedules
• Proven record of efficiently participating in proficiency testing procedures by performing sample analysis and reporting results in a time-efficient manner
• Well-versed in performing micro examination of urinary sediments and ensure that any causes for concern are immediately reported
• Competent in developing and validating new tests, process treatments and instruments with special focus on process quality control