Phlebotomy Externship Resume Sample

Updated on: July 2, 2016

Your resume counts highly even if you are applying for an externship position. In fact, it matters the most when you are applying for a first time position – even if it is an externship. How you format your resume, use of white space and the type of information that you put in, all is of great importance.

Typically, a resume written to acquire a phlebotomy externship position is short and sweet. Since it is mostly students who apply for externship programs, they have limited things to write in their resume. This suits employers well as they do not really have the time to go through 2 dozen resumes that are based on 3 pages each. The shorter the resume, the better your chances of gaining the position.

However, you must not leave important information out when preparing your resume, in a bid to make it short. If there is something that is relevant to the job description, you must put it in – even if it was that short voluntary stint at the college laboratory. Every little detail matters. You have to come across as someone who knows the work and will prove to be an asset, even in an unpaid (often but not always) position.

What follows is a resume sample that you can use to write your own resume to apply for a phlebotomy externship:


Phlebotomy Externship Resume Sample


Darla Roster

50 Winsted Street ● Spring Green, WI 00981 ● (000) 741-7458 ● darros @email .com


Summary: Top-performing Phlebotomy student with exceptionally well-placed training in identifying suitable methods for retrieving specimens and preparing them for laboratory testing processes. Highly knowledgeable about performing screening procedures and interpreting results, obtaining blood samples by performing venipuncture and fingerstick procedures and maintaining specimen integrity by employing aseptic techniques and observing isolation procedures.

Spring Green Community College, Spring Green, WI – 2015
Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting (Ongoing)
Concentration: Phlebotomy (120 hour practicum for phlebotomy)


– Sample Integrity – Glucose Tests – Record Maintenance
– Patient Verification – Specimen Transport – Infection Control
– Patient Education – Route Documentation – Safe Specimen Disposal


Intermountain Healthcare, Spring Green, WI (6/2015 to 12/2015)
Laboratory Intern

• Verified patients by looking through their files, asking questions and referring to arm bands
• Educated patients on what to expect during and after sample taking procedures and provided support to traumatized patients
• Assisted phlebotomists in obtaining blood samples through fingersticks and venipuncture processes
• Maintained integrity of samples by handling them according to procedure and ensuring that they were labeled properly
• Followed up on results to ensure that they are delivered on time and ensured that all tested samples were properly disposed of