ENT Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 19, 2022

Wondering what the best way of reaching out to a hiring manager is?

The answer is not through the resume.

Most of us erroneously believe that if our resume is written substantially, our chances of becoming a favorite with hiring manager increases.

This is not really true.

While a well-written resume does make things easier, it is no substitute for a cover letter that has a greater capacity to impress the employer.

Resumes may seem difficult to read by hiring managers as they go through a dozen a day. But cover letters can bring respite with their originality.

What does cover letter originality mean?

Picking up a resume template and rehashing it can certainly not be considered original.

In fact, in many circles, it may be considered plagiarism.

Do not resort to copying information from the Internet simply because it gels well with what you want to say.

Instead, look at the style and content of what is written to develop ideas about how you can write similarly – and make a corresponding good impression on the person reading it.

If your cover letter is even a 75% match to what the employer is looking for, consider yourself lucky. Sample ahead to help you:

ENT Medical Assistant Cover Letter Example

Felicity Mason
352 East Street
Mangham, LA 54112
(000) 524-7454
f.mason @ email . com

March 19, 2022

Mr. Curt Bridges
Hiring Manager
Patient First
8032 Brown Avenue
Mangham, LA 70325

Dear Mr. Bridges:

I have been working in large-volume medical environments for over 5 years now, and I am quite familiar with living up to the demands of such facilities. Bringing this forward, along with extensive experience in preparing patients for exams, treatments and procedures, and handling the administrative end of a busy facility, I would like to offer my credentials as a Medical Assistant at Patient First.

Over the last 3 years, I have provided both medical and administrative assistance to The Inner Health System, a medical facility dedicated to patients with ear, nose and throat complaints. During the time that I have spent here, I have been trained to assist specialists in diagnostic procedures, cleaning and disinfecting equipment and instruments, and preparing and disposing of laboratory specimens.

In addition to that, I am self-trained in managing a busy ENT clinic’s administrative side by efficiently handling patient scheduling duties, creating and maintaining patient records, managing insurance liaison, and providing education to patients and their families, regarding procedures and examinations.

The extent of my abilities do not end here – in a personal meeting with you, I can articulate much more than I have here. I will be in touch with your office to arrange a suitable interview time soon. If you need to reach me, I can be contacted at (000) 524-7454.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Felicity Mason

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