Maintenance Mechanic Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: November 22, 2020
Maintenance Mechanic Job Description

Maintenance mechanics work in many settings including commercial, residential, and official buildings, where their main job is to make sure that all repair and maintenance issues and requirements of the place are handled properly and in an immediate fashion.

Typically, they work on buildings, structures, machinery, and equipment to ensure minimum downtime. A maintenance mechanic will spend a huge part of his day working on physically demanding jobs. Stooping, bending, and climbing are just some of the abilities that one will need in order to get the job done.

Working as a maintenance mechanic means that you have to hold a high school diploma or a GED at the very least. A prior apprenticeship or training in handling maintenance work will of course come in handy when the decision to hire you is being made. Some experience in a previous role of the same capacity will also be considered highly.

They have to be physically dexterous since the work is laborious. In addition to this, one has to possess the deep insight of handling both repair and maintenance functions, and the tools and equipment that one will need in order to carry out these functions.

Here is a list of job duties that an individual working at this position will be expected to perform:

Job Description for Maintenance Mechanic Resume

  • Inspect buildings, structures, equipment, and machinery for repair and maintenance requirements
  • Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on all assigned areas, placing special focus on minimizing system downtime
  • Repair or replace bulbs, fixtures, and system components in accordance with provided instructions
  • Ensure that all systems and structures are operating optimally and that safety measures are taken into account
  • Determine faults or faulty modules within structures, buildings, and machinery and ensure that they are seen in a timely manner
  • Ensure that all equipment and tools are maintained to industry standards and in accordance with company protocols
  • Perform diagnostics and repair on HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems to ensure that they keep running optimally
  • Assist in the setup and performance of maintenance on air handlers, chiller cooling towers, and circulation pumps
  • Repair and replace pipes, drains, and other fixtures and equipment including toilets, urinals, sinks, and drinking fountains
  • Create and implement fire prevention and protection, physical security, emergency response, and environmental compliance programs according to the company’s standards and protocols