An ideal resume for Diesel Mechanic position needs to demonstrate the following:

• You possess the minimum required skills for the job
• You can add value to the prospective firm with your professional strengths
• You have proved your worth previously and have some accomplishments to your credit
• You possess and offer the level of professionalism required for the job

The opening section of your diesel mechanic resume has to be a strong performance summary. This is probably the shortest section of a resume but needs to be written very carefully. The summary is basically your candidacy in a nutshell. Just like the abstract of a research paper, it is meant to highlight the main features of your standing.

Every field of work has its own specific key terms. Employers use these to search up resumes from online databases. Make sure you incorporate a few key words in your resume that relate to the diesel mechanic position.

Following are 2 samples of diesel mechanic resume.

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Diesel Mechanic Resume Sample 1


 Harry Gael 422 Evelyn Sq • Glendive, MT 67271
(009) 333 – 2222 • harry @ email . com


Ambitious and tactful professional with documented success in heavy duty truck and trailer repair, preventive maintenance of diesel engines and replacement of defective parts. Thorough knowledge of applicable OSHA, DOT and CSA regulations. Particularly effective in enhancing fuel economy of heavy vehicles.


– Engine Overhauling– Leakage Control– Transition Maintenance
– Locomotive Repair– Diagnosis– Engine Assembly
– Breakdown Response– Electrical Inspection– Wheel Alignment
– Hydraulics maintenance– Valve Operations– Winterization

• Implemented regular routines of preventive maintenance, engine component evaluation and valve operation checks which reduced annual wear and tear rate of the assigned engines by 30%
• Repaired an airbrake equipment that had been declared irreparable by 2 mechanics and saved the company a replacement expense of up till $50k
• Overhauled 4 engines singlehandedly to prepare and ensure availability of heavy machinery for a mega construction project within a very limited time frame of only two weeks


BNSF, Glendive, MT
Sr. Diesel Mechanic 7/2011 to Present

• Correct vehicle deficiencies by removing, repairing and replacing major part assemblies
• Perform preventive maintenance tasks for heavy vehicle diesel engines
• Respond to, diagnose and troubleshoot the mechanical problem in case of breakdown

Jr. Mechanic, 4/2008 to 6/2011

• Maintained workshop equipment well oiled and in working condition
• Assisted the senior mechanic in engine overhauling and defect rectification
• Evaluated warranty requests and conducted parts evaluation for required services

Associate of Science in Diesel Mechanics


Member: American Society of Diesel Mechanics


Diesel Mechanic Resume Sample 2


Sherman Wilson

90 Mapleleaf Lane | Bangor, ME 53535 | (999) 999-9999 | Email

OBJECTIVE: A Diesel Mechanic position with Old Mechanical Works. Offers strong background in diesel engine overhauling and knowledge of routine services and emission codes.

• Five years’ extensive experience as a diesel mechanic
• Highly skilled in performing repairs and preventive maintenance on diesel engines
• Special talent for utilizing computer electronics system to troubleshoot system failure and manage repairs
• Well versed in repairing malfunctions and tools and equipment needed to perform repair jobs

• Amalgamated a series of equipments as per a very complex client order as a first in diesel and gas engine union now working successfully in a factory environment
• Promoted from apprentice to diesel mechanic in a span of three months following excellence in assistantship and mechanical aptitude


Technicals – Bangor, ME | March 2008 – April 2013
Diesel Mechanic

• Conducted inspections on diesel equipment and engines to determine condition
• Performed diagnostic tests and identified worn and damaged parts for elimination
• Managed deficiencies my repairing, overhauling and adjusting necessary components and controls
• Reconditioned and replaced parts as and when needed
• Welded and cut parts using appropriate tools and equipment
• Installed engines in different settings as and when instructed

High School Diploma | City School, Bangor, ME | 2007

• Excellent knowhow of diagnostic tools and equipment
• Strong working knowledge of major types of engines and their complexities
• Ability to work in extreme weather conditions
• Exceptional customer service skills
• Technically savvy in reading and following instructions