Although all positions require effective and well formatted cover letters, the marketing field demands exceptionally selling and convincing cover letters. Since the successful candidate will be expected to contribute massively in the firm’s sales, the employers need to be convinced that the candidate has the right potential to do so, therefore they treat your cover letter as a marketing tool and might judge from it how well you have utilized it for yourself.

Candidates for marketing manager positions find it very difficult to decide which strengths to include in a cover letter and which ones to ignore for the sake of space saving. The solution to this issue is to shortlist one’s competencies and identify the most relevant ones, possibly the covering the aspects demanded by the position as per the advertisement.


Marketing Manager Cover Letter Sample


Barbara Fielding

765 Fisher’s Cove ■ Las Vegas, NV 78494
☏ (004) 222-6666 ✉ barbara . fielding @ email . com

March 7, 2014

Mr. Daniel Guilford
HR In charge
TM Associates
98 Unix Horizon
Las Vegas, NV 78494


Dear Mr. Guilford:

Are you tired of seeing your sales graph go down month after month?

Do you require services of a marketing manager who could enhance the company’s profits?

Could your marketing team use some goals-driven management and inspiration?

If yes, then my enclosed resume will definitely interest you!

With more than 7 years’ diverse experience in monitoring and analysing market trends and planning promotional campaigns, I offer the exact expertise you desire to see in your new marketing manager.

Your Requirements


My Qualifications

▶ Experience in leading a marketing team effectively, meeting set targets✔ 5+ years’ extensive experience in developing and executing successful marketing strategies and exceeding expectations, raising turnovers and mentoring a team of ten to twelve marketing personnel efficiently and smoothly.

✔ Particularly effective in identifying target markets and making plans to communicate with them.

✔ Demonstrated ability to prepare and manage marketing plans and budgets.


▶ Product Launch campaigning Expertise✔ Proven record of designing and launching productive campaigns.

✔ Well versed in finding ways to improve existing products and services, and increase profitability.


▶ Familiarity with modern computerized and automated marketing strategies✔ Fluent in usage of CRM tools including Marketo, and content based marketing. Adept at e-marketing and web based sales protocols.


▶ Skilled in market forecasting and relative management✔ Track record of effective and timely competition surveys and relevant fruitful marketing strategy revision.


I believe it’s best to discuss the position face to face in order to establish a relevance between your requirements and my qualifications. Please call me at (004) 222-6666 to schedule an interview date and time of your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Barbara Fielding

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