Transportation Safety Manager Resume Sample

Updated: May 8, 2022
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Resumes for transportation safety manager positions have to be interesting reads.

The content needs to be well-written.

Focus on why an applicant is a right person to hire.

In a transportation safety manager resume, you must highlight your ability to direct transportation safety management processes.

In addition, your knowledge of planning and implementing safety policies and procedures must be highlighted.

A sample resume for a transportation safety manager position is given below for your perusal:

Transportation Safety Manager Resume Sample

Zack Billings
763 Plain Road, Warner Robins, GA37843
(000) 999-9999


• Extensive experience in planning and implementing safety policies and procedures in compliance with regulations.
• Ability to conduct post-incident investigations, as well as prepare reports.
• Spearheaded a transportation safety workshop, over 200 safety personnel benefited as a result.
• Implemented a safety compliance system, hence, reducing in-house accidents.
• Introduced a series of crash management processes, which minimized safety issues.

• Safety Policy Development • Safety Compliance
• Preventative Measures • File Maintenance
• Investigation • Training and Development
• Safety Data Management • Corrective Actions
• Reporting • Crash Management
• Decision Making • DOT Compliance


Transportation Safety Manager
B & B Transport, Warner Robins, GA
• Administer driver hiring and compliance processes.
• Provide direction as well as guidance to local trainers.
• Investigate incidents such as accidents, and injuries
• Prepare and submit accident-related compliance forms.
• Conduct recurrent training for accidents and injuries.
• Conduct on-road observations and serve as a member of the accident review committee.

Transportation Safety Supervisor
ABC Company, Warner Robins, GA
• Monitored driver safety performance.
• Created and delivered training programs.
• Investigated all injuries and collisions, while focusing on effective root causes.
• Developed job safety analysis documents.
• Implemented safety policies in order to ensure a safe work environment.
• Created monthly safety reports for senior management.
• Conducted thorough incident reviews so as to determine root causes.

Transportation Safety Officer
Dot Foods Inc., Warner Robins, GA
• Compiled regional safety data and provide management reports.
• Performed field observations and safety programs.
• Assisted in the administration of laws and regulations concerning transportation safety.
• Monitored and maintained accident registers in order to keep up with incidents.
• Aided in the development of safety knowledge policies and procedures.

Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics
Georgia State University, Warner Robins, GA

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