Transportation Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: October 28, 2022

Due to competition in every field, it has become more challenging to get a Transportation Manager job. In order to get the reader’s attention, one has to come up with an excellent resume.

How to Write a Winning Transportation Manager Resume?

Here are some tips for the guidance of candidates applying for a transportation manager position:

  • Keep your resume short and focused on the Transportation Manager position.
  • The format of your resume must be very appealing and clutter-free.
  • Keep the information organized by formatting it nicely so that it is appealing to the reader’s eye.
  • Use short bullets and tables to portray your competencies in an effective manner.

Here is a sample resume for transportation manager position.

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Transportation Manager Resume Example

George Miles
781 North West Ave
Fairfield, NJ 89332
(000) 123-3232
george @ email . com


Self-Directed transportation manager with 12+ years’ hands-on experience in transportation arena. Known for taking initiative and meeting deadlines. Expert in supervising land, ocean and air freight forwarding, global warehousing and logistics.

• Customer focused with diverse industry experience including dispatch, delivery, and courier services.
• Effective communicator with outstanding interpersonal skills.
• Track record of ensuring delivery associate compliance with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies.

– Operational Management – Shipment Scheduling
– Transportation Logistics – Carrier Partnerships
– Service Delivery – Supply Chain Solutions
– Delivery Routing – DOT Regulations
– OH&S Adherence – Complaint Processing

• Increased the geographic range of deliveries by 50% by developing productive partnerships with outside carriers.
• Reduced delivery time by 40% on average by intelligent routing and scheduling of orders.
• Enhanced the overall performance of employees by 60% in terms of productivity, efficiency, and service delivery by implementing operational personnel management strategies.


Transportation Manager
SYSCO, Fairfield, NJ
• Manage the operations of a fleet of 50+ cars, vans, and trucks.
• Maintain updated information regarding drivers and route coverage or other issues impacting transit delays.
• Ensure the smooth running of daily operations and delivering activities.
• Perform management operations and upgrade productivity and routing software systems regularly.

Transportation Supervisor
• Assisted in daily activities to ensure proper scheduling and safe and timely service delivery.
• Worked closely with dispatch drivers, coordinated services, and monitored activities on the receiving dock.
• Provided pertinent information to dispatch staff and clients courteously.

Associates’s Degree in Trasportation Management
ABC COllege, Fairfield, NJ

• Bilingual: English/Spanish
• Expert in GPS navigation and map reading