Transportation Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on May 29, 2016

If you are applying for a transportation manager position, you should send a cover letter along with your resume and/or job application. A cover letter is an effective marketing tool which can aid you in creating a good first impression. Below are some guidelines that will help you build a compelling cover letter.

• Align your experience and competencies with the prospective employer’s needs.

• Demonstrate your knowledge about the prospective company.

Below is a transportation manager cover letter sample for your further guidance in this regard.


Transportation Manager Cover Letter Sample


Martin Harold

560 Peach Tree Ave • Houston, TX 56330 • (005) 444-5555 • martin @ email . com

May 30, 2016

Mr. James Fielder
HR Manager
AA Company
92 Wesley Lane
Houston, TX 56330


Dear Mr. Fielder:

As a transportation professional with 5+ years of experience in managerial capacities, I feel myself an ideal contender for transportation manager position at AA Company.

I fully understand that timely service delivery, customer service-oriented attitude and strong team building create a great impact on any logistics and transportation company’s reputation and success.

Throughout my career I have accustomed to assuming increasing responsibilities. I have a verifiable track record of managing and handling activities related to dispatching and routing. Using a proactive approach, I effectively take steps to resolve customer or shipper issues.During my work at City Transporters, I ensured that all members of staff comply with government regulations and safety rules, and created a safe environment through safety audits. I have been recognized for creating and implementing successful transportation policies, procedures and objectives.

I would like to meet with you in order to ascertain your expectations and establish the relevance among your needs and my abilities. I will follow up on next Thursday. In case you feel the need of speaking to me earlier, please contact me at (005) 444-5555.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Martin Harold

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