Supply Chain Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 28, 2019

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If you’re preparing for a Supply Chain Manager interview, you may know the whole interview process. However, even with lots of hands-on experience, you should review some sample interview questions and answers.


At a supply chain manager interview, the interviewer will ask questions about your experience and skills. You have to do justice in your answers.

Besides that, the hiring manager will want to know about your personality attributes. This information will help them decide your suitability.

The following set of interview questions and answers for this position will give you a better idea:




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Supply Chain Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Did you take this education path in order to work as a supply chain manager eventually?

To be honest, no. I had not planned to work in supply chain management while I was enrolled in the business degree program. It came to me when I finally started working in supply chain management, as part of my first job.

How do you feel about working as a supply chain manager?

I love my work. The fact that I can do what I like doing is a great motivator. And I am quite good at working in this role.

What specific duties have you performed in this role?

As a supply chain manager, my work involved planning and implementing supply chain strategies and suggesting process improvements.

Also, I was responsible for collaborating with different departments to determine their requirements. Additionally, I have been working to determine key supply chain KPIs.

Furthermore, team members training is also part of my work.

What skills set do you possess which make you an excellent person to hire as a supply chain manager?

I have developed many skills over the years. These include:

• Expertise in working with procurement officers in order to determine departmental requirements
• Ability to negotiate contracts with suppliers and vendors
• Knowledge of controlling manufacturing and delivery processes
• Unmatched ability to plan and implement logistical and supply chain strategies
• Proficiency in performing forecasting and inventorying work

Tell us about a recent achievement.

Not long ago, I managed to improve the overall supply chain process by implementing innovations to the process. This brought about great enhancement to the process, and I was highly praised by my supervisors.

What is the one thing that you find most complicated about this work?

I believe that supply chain work is complicated on the whole. However, choosing one would bring me to the strategy development part.

I opine that strategy building and implementation offers many challenges and complications. The good thing is that I am so used to it now that I can almost always handle the problems associated with this.

What is your experience with shipping and warehouses?

I have worked in a shipping capacity for 3 years. While working in this area, I was responsible for ensuring the proper movement of goods to and from warehouses.

Also, I was responsible for streamlining shipping processes.

How do you feel about working in a supervisory role?

I believe that supervisory roles are quite challenging. But I have learned that with the right set of skills, you can always handle the work effectively.

Presently, I am working in a supervisory role, and I actually enjoy it. I know which procedures to implement, and my teams are trained in following them.

In your opinion, what are the main areas where a supply chain manager works?

I have been able to identify 4 areas. These include planning and implementation, communication, transportation, and inventory management, and all of them hold great importance.

As far as management is concerned, what is the prime duty of a supply chain manager as it relates to warehouses?

Supply chain managers play an important role in warehouse design promotion. They handle labor costs and personnel productivity.

They also manage inventory levels and stocking strategies. Besides, it is their responsibility to establish and adjust work procedures to meet warehouse demands.

Creating production schedules is also part of their work.

What is your take on workplace safety?

I am a great advocate of workplace safety. I make sure that I implement the right safety processes and procedures.

I also ensure that all employees follow safety protocols at all times.

If you were asked to change one thing about your current workplace, what would it be?

In all honesty, my present place of work is quite well-equipped. At this point in time, I wouldn’t want to change much in it.

Why is communication so important in supply chain work?

Communicating the right information is most important in any organization. Where supply chain management is concerned, communication plays as important a role.

Specifically, negotiating with external agencies such as vendors and suppliers requires good communication skills.

In addition, it is important to be communicative when working with people from different internal departments.

Have you performed any HR functions?

I have been an active part of the employee screening, interviewing, hiring, and induction processes for my department.

How do you ensure maximum productivity?

I provide consistent operational support and guidance to ensure optimum supply chain productivity.

What are your supply chain strategies aimed at?

All the supply chain strategies that I have created and implemented have been targeted at increasing efficiency and speed.

Adaptability to changing market conditions, new business opportunities, and cost reduction are also my aims when developing supply chain strategies.

What are your 5-year plans?

In the near future, I would like to work as a supply chain specialist. Eventually, I want to work in a capacity where I can oversee the work of supply chain specialists.

And what are you doing to ensure that you work towards this goal?

Right now, I am concentrating on learning the work inside out, so that I can eventually qualify for both these positions.

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