Supply Chain Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 25, 2019

It is not possible to write a cover letter for a supply chain manager position if you have not researched the position in advance.

A cover letter for this position will include information on the individual’s ability to develop and implement supply chain strategies primarily.

Focusing on your knowledge of determining key supply chain KPIs important when writing a cover letter.

As important is emphasizing your ability to identify bottlenecks and provide timely solutions.

It is important to realize that a cover letter for a supply chain manager needs to highlight the individual’s knowledge of the work.

A hiring manager will be inclined to pick up your resume only if the accompanying cover letter provides the right kind of information.

Cover letter sample alert!

Supply Chain Manager Cover Letter Sample

February 25, 2019

Mr. Mark Filler
Human Resources Manager
Cracker Barrel
902 Contrary Road
Jersey City, NJ52311

Dear Mr. Filler:

Your advertisement for a supply chain manager position at Cracker Barrel piqued my interest particularly because of the obvious match between what you require, and what I have to offer. If you go through the accompanying resume, you will notice that my knowledge of supply chain management work is exceptionally well placed, and my inclusion in your team will be a beneficial event.

Strategizing supply chain processes is my niche. Through this, I have been successful in ensuring the proper movement of goods from manufacturer to customers. Responsible for streamlining the supply chain process in my present place of work, I have been commended on my ability to handle the supply chain in a profound manner. In addition, I am competent in controlling both the manufacturing and delivery processes. Also, my skills include the ability to create as well as implement logistical strategies in order to ensure that targets are properly met.

During the course of my 6 years’ experience as a supply chain manager, I have handled many issues regarding supply chains, and have expertly streamlined them. I am positive that this skill amongst others will be quite a highlight for Cracker Barrel.

However detailed this letter is, it is no match to a face to face meeting. I will be in touch with your office in order to set up an interview next week. Please feel free to contact me at (000) 895-3322 if you need any additional information in the interim.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Sheena Bates

Enc: (Resume)

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