6 Supply Chain Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 5, 2022

Feeling the pressure a day before a job interview is normal.

What is not acceptable is succumbing to the pressure.

If you let your fears get hold of you, there is no telling how your body and mind will react at the time of the interview.

The best way of getting rid of the fear is by preparing well for the job interview.

Research the company and position thoroughly and then find out what possible questions you may be asked.

The following set of questions and answers have been specifically designed for a supply chain coordinator interview:

Supply Chain Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

1. What are the main duties of a supply chain coordinator?

A supply chain coordinator makes sure that the buying and delivery process of goods is properly managed. It is his or her responsibility to negotiate rates to ensure that the best possible deal is secured, coordinate inbound and outbound traffic and track all consignments.

2. What specific skills does a supply chain coordinator need to possess to work successfully in this role?

A solid customer service background and a flexible approach to negotiating are perhaps the most important skills of a supply chain coordinator. The ability to solve problems and analyze difficult situations is also imperative if you want to work as a supply chain coordinator. Additionally, one should be able to plan delivery timetables and monitor stock levels effectively.

3. What are your main criteria for choosing a vendor?

My main concern when choosing a vendor or a supplier is that he or she should be able to meet the high supply demands of my organization. I perform detailed research to ensure that the vendor fits the bill, possesses an excellent reputation, and can deliver quality goods in a timely manner. Another major concern while choosing the right vendor is flexibility – I try to secure the services of vendors who are flexible and can work within budgetary limitations.

4. How well you do work with people? And how important is it to work well with people in this role?

It is very important to get along well with people when you are working as a supply chain coordinator. This is because you are constantly in contact with different teams and displaying a good attitude is essential. I am a people person by nature and can work with people from diverse backgrounds in an amicable manner.

5. If we are to hire you, what would you expect from the role of a supply chain coordinator at our company?

I believe that I will be required to obtain goods and services for the best price and value, establish strategic relationships with key personnel, identify new suppliers, and handle contract management and negotiation duties since your company is presently in the infant stage.

6. What is your experience with cost-effectiveness and consignment tracking?

As a supply chain coordinator, I have been actively involved in securing the services of cost-effective yet high-quality vendors and suppliers. As far as consignment tracking is concerned, I have systems in place which make the tracking procedure easy to follow, as it provides accurate results and feedback.