19 Air Cargo Handler Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: January 20, 2023
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An air cargo handler interview will be conducted to determine what a candidate knows about the work.

During the interview process, you will be asked questions to determine what you know about safe cargo handling, and how skilled you are in doing the job.

As an interviewee, it is your job to ensure that you convince the interviewer to give you a chance at working at the airport.

Since working in this position requires a greatly responsible attitude, it is your job to show the interviewer that you are up for it.

Some of the main questions that you will be asked when appearing for an air cargo handler interview are provided below to help you be prepared:

Air Cargo Handler Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

It has been 5 years since I started working as an air cargo handler. I began my career as an airport intern and quickly realized that my niche was in cargo handling. I have been working as one ever since.

2. What specific duties have you been doing in this position?

As an air cargo handler, I have been performing many duties such as transferring cargo onto planes, directing ground personnel about loading and unloading cargo carefully, placing cargo onto conveyor belts, and securing cargo properly.

Also, I am responsible for calculating load weights for different aircraft compartments using the right type of equipment. And my work also includes ensuring that all government rules and regulations are properly followed and abided by.

3. What do you like most about your work?

I love the fact that this work involves so much energy. I am on my feet all day and that is just the way I love working.

4. What do you dislike about this work?

Honestly speaking, nothing. I wouldn’t be able to work in a job where I disliked anything.

5. How do you manage to work on your feet all day?

I feel that it is imperative that you love your job because then, you don’t feel tired much. It is also important to take breaks when you’re working in a physically demanding capacity, which I do.

6. What skills do you possess which make you an excellent candidate to work at this position?

I am physically strong and agile. Apart from this, I possess excellent knowledge of handling cargo carefully. Moreover, I am well-versed in operating a variety of equipment to ensure that my work is done properly and efficiently. In addition, I am skilled in connecting with passengers to provide them with information on safety and emergency procedures.

7. What is your opinion on workplace safety?

I take safety very seriously – for passengers, coworkers, and myself. I ensure that all safety measures are properly put in place, and I am in a constant state of providing safety education to everyone.

8. What is your biggest strength?

My biggest strength is my ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously without compromising on quality.

9. What is your biggest weakness?

There are times when I feel that I am paranoid about safety. As I mentioned earlier, I am constantly telling people to be careful.

10. How do you intend to overcome this weakness?

I am presently teaching myself to calm down when I see a security breach and provide instructions without freaking out.

11. How do you handle adversity at the workplace?

I really do not have much time to dwell on adverse situations, unless they impact my work negatively. When an adverse situation does come about, I work my way around it so that my work isn’t affected.

12. What is the most important part of working in air cargo?

I believe that the most important part of working in air cargo is cargo safety. We have to be careful about how we handle the cargo so that there are no damages.

13. Tell me about a time that a passenger was angry with you.

I haven’t come across an incident of dissatisfaction yet. However, a passenger was quite upset about a fellow cargo handler managing his suitcases irresponsibly even though they were marked as fragile. There was a shouting match as the handler was new, and did not care much about good service. I intervened and made sure that the problem was resolved, and the passenger was sent away quite satisfied.

14. What do you feel is most important to do when baggage or cargo is labeled fragile?

I feel that one needs to look at every bag and box to see if it has a fragile label on it. Once located, one needs to follow protocol to ensure that it is not damaged from the outside, and definitely not from the inside.

15. On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you rate your customer/passenger services skills?

I am definitely at an 8. I believe that I can provide excellent customer/passenger services. This can be seen from the many instances where my service skills have been praised by passengers and supervisors.

16. Tell me about a successful passenger engagement occasion.

I was once handling a huge cargo haul and was quite involved in what I was doing. Out of nowhere, a passenger came up to me and praised me for the way that I was handling the cargo. She mentioned that I was the only one that she had seen at any airport, who had the good sense not to mess with other people’s personal belongings.

17. Are you a team player or a solo worker?

I am both when the need arises. I love working with people and I am quite good at it. However, I realize that it is sometimes important to work alone, and I can do that with as much skill as when working with others.

18. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am hoping to work as a cargo handling supervisor within the next 5 years.

19. Do you have any questions for me?

I am interested in knowing about the strength of your air cargo handler team.

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