A service or a product loses its core meaning and usefulness if it does not conform to the standards that it is based on. A quality manager ensures that these standards are met in a consistent manner in order to retain business and ensure both new and recurring business opportunities.

Quality managers devise and implement a company’s quality standards keeping in mind legal and other requirements that govern the industry that they are working in. They ensure that customers’ requirements are met by reviewing them closely and they also work closely with vendors and suppliers to ensure standards are kept in check.

Only the truly qualified of quality managers can perform these tasks and do justice to them. If you feel that you are well qualified for this position, you can use the following cover letter sample to apply for a job.


Quality Manager Covering Letter Sample

289 Caddis Ct
North Pole, AK 88888
Cell: (504) 555-5555

April 28, 2013

Ms. Hope Williams
Manager Human Resources
CD Technologies
3677 Nowell Avenue
North Pole, AK 45464


Dear Ms. Williams:

As an expert quality management strategist working in the industry for over a decade, I offer my keen business acumen and superior quality management skills to CD Technologies with an inclination to meet quality standards for the company’s products at every stage.

As the enclosed resume indicates, my professional criterion and personal strengths portray high-end quality control strategies that will be of great value to your company. My core focus has always been on establishing quality goals and ensuring that all departments involved in the production procedure provide appropriate compliance with these objectives. Appreciating the fact that the customer is our finest asset, I ensure the development and installation of quality control programs, policies and procedures that will eventually benefit the company through positive customer feedback and recurring business.

If CD Technologies is in need of a person who possesses an out-of-the-box strategic mind with an excellent acumen to provide proactive team leadership that will eventually engender customer satisfaction, then I am definitely your candidate. I look forward to meeting you at the interviews next month and anticipate a call from you prior to the meeting so that we may discuss this is greater detail.

Thanks for your consideration.



Bert Reynolds

Enc. Resume