Quality Control Technician Cover Letter Sample

Updated: April 9, 2019

There is a lot on your plate when working as a quality control technician.

And that fact that you can handle it all with perfection is what you need to tell the hiring manager through your cover letter.


It is important to realize that your cover letter is the main document through which your skills and abilities will be judged. And you have to make it strong enough for a hiring manager to take great interest in.

For the quality control technician position, your cover letter should include the many reasons why you are the best.

Maybe it is your ability to handle quality control measures at all levels. Or your knowledge of strategizing quality control plans. Make sure that you write everything that comes to your mind about your skills.

Better yet, make a list of skills and capabilities before you embark on the cover letter writing spree.

What follows is a cover letter sample, written especially for a quality control technician resume:



Quality Control Technician Cover Letter Sample



April 9, 2019

Mr. Brandon Noble
Human Resources Manager
Rupert’s Inc.
132 Springs Road
New Haven, CT 55645


Dear Mr. Noble:

I am presently working as a quality control technician at Berkshire Industries, where my work is often commended due to my ability to properly control quality issues at every level. Anticipating a more challenging position, I would like to offer my services to Rupert’s Inc.

Possessing a degree in quality management, along with 9+ years of solid track record in this work, I am positive that I am the best person to hire. During the course of my experience, I have been working on major tasks such as strategizing quality control plans, implementing quality management strategies, and overseeing quality metrics at each level of production. My niche is in determining issues with raw products, as well as finished ones, before they are packed and shipped.

In my present place of work, I have successfully developed and implemented a unique quality control system, which has the capacity to determine quality issues before they convert into crises situations. And this system has helped the company much in terms of curtailing churning out of substandard products.

I am confident that a personal meeting between us will shed more light on my knowledge, experience, and skills in quality control. I will set up one with your office soon. If you need to touch base with me before that, please feel free to contact me at (000) 128-7596.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.




Jennifer Toole

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