Patient Account Manager Resume Sample

Updated: October 2, 2018

A patient account manager is hired in hospitals and clinics, where his or her main work is to ensure that patient accounts are handled in a proper manner. This includes ensuring that any outstanding payments are followed up on and that any issues are addressed in an immediate manner.

As a patient account manager, you will not only be working directly with patient accounts, but will also be overseeing the work of a team of patient account representatives, and ensuring that their ongoing training and development needs are met. In addition to this, it is imperative for people working or hoping to work at this position to be familiar with ICT-9 and CPT coding, as there may be times that they will have to contend with these.

There is very little chance that a hiring manager will take a mediocre resume into consideration. Take no risks. Here is a sample that you can use:


Patient Account Manager Resume Sample


Raina Miller
284 Maid Road, Detroit, MI 56284
(000) 999-9999


Top performing patient account manager with over 7 years of experience in coordinating and managing the daily activities of patient accounts, credits and collections, and admitting units. Proven ability to ensure timely and accurate billing of accounts receivable, and prompting follow-up of accounts. Competent in developing and implementing new policies and procedures to meet regulatory compliance related to patient accounts.

• Successfully obtained over $5000 from 13 delinquent accounts, within the provided timeline of 20 days.
• Managed over 200 patient accounts, in the absence of 3 patient account representatives.
• Implemented a novel collections system, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the one already in use.
• Streamlined the patient billing system, making it more organized and easy to handle than before.


Credit Handling Collections Billing
Follow-up Delinquent Accounts Insurance Liaison
Staff Training Staff Recruitment Workflow Efficiency
Quality Interactions CPT and ICD9 Coding Financial Classifications


Patient Account Manager
Pillar Health, Detroit, MI          2012-present
• Oversee, and manage the liquidity of assigned patient accounts, ensuring aging and recovery expectations are met.
• Monitor teams of patient account representatives to ensure that both performance and productivity standards are constantly met.
• Create and submit periodic performance reports, aimed at determining how much work has been performed.
• Oversee the collections process, targeted at determining cash flow improvement opportunities.
• Analyze departmental procedures and systems, and create and implement policies and protocols.
• Review direct write-offs, and monitor the status of bad debts to ensure that a clear picture is derived.
• Work with patients, physicians, and providers to ensure quality interactions and efficient processes.
• Perform follow-up duties to obtain credits within assigned patients’ accounts.

Patient Account Representative
Trinity Health, Detroit, MI        2005-2012
• Reviewed the statuses of all assigned patient accounts to determine credits and debits.
• Performed patient billing and reporting activities, keeping in mind both timeliness and accuracy.
• Followed designated collection procedures to obtain credits from patients.
• Ensured that all obtained payments were properly posted into the hospital database.
• Contacted insurance companies to determine the statuses of unpaid claims and reimbursements.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Michigan State University, Detroit, MI – 2009


Patient Account Manager Qualifications

To be considered eligible to work as a patient account manager, it is necessary that you possess a degree in business management or health management.

Prior experience in this regard will go a long way in helping you gain a job as a patient account manager. Knowing the work is imperative, but it is also important to possess some inherent skills so that you can work in this capacity in a profound manner.

Knowledge of payer requirements and computerized billing systems will go a long way in helping you be considered for a patient account manager position.

Patient Account Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Tell us a little about the work that you have undertaken in the role of a patient account manager?
While working as a patient account manager, I have been busy providing training and development to teams of patient account representatives, ensuring compliance with state and federal laws, facilitating identification of issues, and providing solutions, monitoring collection processes, handling the aging of accounts receivables, analyzing accounts receivables, following up on delinquent accounts, and assisting representatives reach insurance companies to determine statuses of unpaid or denied claims.

What skills does one require to work as a successful patient account manager?
It is essential to know the patient account management system on the whole. Apart from this, knowledge of effectively identifying training needs of account representatives, and ensuring that they are met properly is required. Also, it is imperative for people working in a patient account manager capacity to be able to manage the liquidity and oversight of assigned accounts, and ensure that aging and recovery expectations are met.

What is the one skill that you depend highly on when working as a patient account manager?
It is not just one skill that I depend on, but an amalgamation of many, as that is how this works.

Tell us of a time when you were deep into a problem, but came out shining.
I wouldn’t call it a problem, but there was a situation that I would like to recount. As soon as I joined my new job six years ago, I was asked to ensure payment of all 200 delinquent accounts that the hospital had. It was a huge shock for me as I felt that it was physically impossible to do the deed, especially within the 6 weeks that the hospital management had provided to me. However, I began working, and within the provided time, I was able to get 80% of the accounts to pay their dues. I was highly commended for my effort, and my determination was recognized on a deep level.

What is your greatest weakness?
I am a stickler for perfection, which often makes it difficult for me to realize realistic goals. But I am working on ensuring that I set realistic goals for myself.

What are your aspirations for the near future?
I am working hard to work as a patient access director soon.

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