20 HSE Manager Skills for Resume

Updated on: March 25, 2020
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An unskilled HSE manager is no good for an organization. As an HSE manager, your skills are what matter the most.

If you can effectively create and implement health, safety, and environmental policies and procedures, you will be a prospective employer’s favorite.

However, you will need to write your skills in a resume for the prospective employer to gauge your abilities and qualifications.

Standard skills statements won’t work. You will need to be specific when writing your HSE management skills.

Specifically, your HSE manager skills statements should include knowledge of policy-making and implementation, ability to provide HSE leadership and training, and capability of tracking company health and safety metrics.

In addition, you must highlight your ability to assist in all aspects of incident investigation including verifying root cause analysis and approving the implementation of preventative, and corrective actions.

A list of skills statements specifically for an HSE manager position are provided here:

HSE Manager’s 20 Skills for Resume

1. Demonstrated expertise in providing HSE leadership and operational support to all organizational levels

2. Highly skilled in tracking company health and safety initiatives

3. Able to ensure that all HSE processes and procedures are implemented and standardized

4. Exceptionally talented in handling incident investigation

5. Skilled in performing root cause analysis, and approving the implementation of corrective actions

6. Documented success in ensuring that emergency response systems, policies, and procedures are in place to manage emergency situations

7. Effectively able to maintain waste management programs including area inspections

8. Well-versed in implementing, updating, and reviewing the company’s HSE systems

9. Talented in monitoring the effective implementation of safety and environment systems

10. Familiar with conducting internal and external safety and health audits

11. Hands-on experience in performing risk assessment, with a view to reducing risky situations

12. Able to provide safety support and advice to staff members, and the management

13. Highly experienced in incorporating health standards by regulatory agencies to prevent hazards and diseases

14. Ability to manage the delivery of functional objectives by providing leadership and direction to team members

15. Exceptional knowledge of promoting HSE awareness to staff members, and visitors

16. Proficient in coordinating and implementing company HSE training programs, such as safety meetings and training sessions

17. Adept at assisting operations personnel in HSE compliance, and training them to use the right tools and resources

18. In-depth knowledge of supporting emergency response programs, and response leadership

19. Functional knowledge of stewarding behavior-based safety programs, and performing trend analysis

20. Unmatched ability to administer drug and alcohol testing programs

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